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Meet Sqn Ldr Sindhu Reddy Who Will Lead Air Force Marching Contingent

In addition to Squadron Leader Sindhu Reddy, the group will have three extra officers: Flight Lieutenants Ayush Agarwal, Tanuj Malik, and Pradhan Nikhil. The IAF won the award for best marching group in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2020.


In line with the Indian Air Force’s goal of promoting “nari shakti,” Squadron Leader Sindhu Reddy will lead the force’s marching group at the Republic Day Parade on Kartavya Path in the capital city.

There will be four officers and 144 air warriors marching together in a box formation with 12 rows and 12 columns. The people in the marching contingent were chosen through a strict process from all over the force. They have been practising hard every day, starting early in the morning.

In addition to Squadron Leader Sindhu Reddy, the group will have three extra officers: Flight Lieutenants Ayush Agarwal, Tanuj Malik, and Pradhan Nikhil. The IAF won the award for best marching group in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2020.

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This year, Flt Lt. Komal Rani, another woman officer, will help President of India Droupadi Murmu raise the national flag at the Kartavya Path.

Wednesday, the Indian Air Force said that 45 IAF planes, including 9 Rafal Jets and 4 IA helicopters, will take part in the fly-past. The Indian Air Force’s IL 38 Jet will take part in the parade for the last time. Formations of Dhwaj, Rudra, Baaz, Tiranga, Garuda, Bheem, Amrit, Thriul, and Vijay would fly by.

In 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2020, the IAF won the trophy for Best Marching Contingent. In 2022, it also won the award for Best Marching Contingent in the popular choice category.

The Air Force Band contingent, which has 72 musicians and three drum majors, will play the marching music for the contingent. Warrant Ashok Kumar would be in charge of the band. He has been in the RD Parade Airforce band contingent for 26 years and has been in charge of the contingent for the past 16 years.

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According to the IAF, the famous military tune “Sound Barrier” by MWO J.A. George V.S.M. and “Ladakoo” by Flt Lt L.S. Rupachandra would be played on “Quick March” while the contingent marches past the President. The Band would also play songs like Astronaut, Vijay Bharat, Space Flight, Vayu Shakti, Benihal, Saare Jahaan Se Accha, Northern Border, Tiger Hill, and Nidar Yodha.

“Indian Air Force Power, Beyond Boundaries” is the theme of the IAF Tableau. A rotating globe on the Tableau shows how the IAF has grown and can now help people in need across borders and do flying exercises with the air forces of friendly foreign countries.

“Netra” is an Airborne Early Warning and Control plane that can carry payloads made in India. Having links between the GSAT-7A, the IAF’s IACCS (shown by the operator on the console), and other flying platforms shows how well the IAF has adopted NCW in many different areas.

The Aeronautical Development Agency made the LCA Tejas MK-II, which is a single-engine, delta-winged canard aircraft with a delta canard. The Fighter is being designed and built to replace IAF fighter planes. It will have a more powerful engine and better sensors.

LCH Prachand, which just joined the IAF, can operate at high altitudes and is equipped with Anti-Tank Guided Missiles, a 20 mm turret gun, air-to-air missiles, and 70 mm rockets.

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The Airbus C-295 planes will replace the Avro planes and improve the IAF’s ability to get things done. The plan is for all aircraft to have their own electronic warfare suites. India would not only be able to meet the needs of the IAF, but it would also become a net exporter of defence goods.

The IAF has also broken down traditional barriers by allowing women to join and do all the same jobs as men. By doing this, the IAF has become the Service that best promotes the true meaning of Naari Shakti.

The Special Forces (Garuds) and the special equipment they use have made the IAF’s ability to fight even stronger. The IAF said that their work was key to the safe return of Indians from a troubled country in the recent past.

The Beating the Retreat ceremony will take place at Vijay Chowk on January 29 after the Republic Day parade. There could be as many as 120 IAF musicians at the event. Flt Lt L.S. Rupachandra, who is in charge of music for the IAF, will be in charge of the ceremony.

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