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5 Inspiring Facts About Colonel Manpreet Singh, CO 19 RR

In the annals of India's military history, Colonel Manpreet Singh will always be remembered as a beacon of bravery, leadership, and service above self.

Colonel Manpreet Singh‘s tragic passing in a counter-insurgency operation in Anantnag has deeply affected not just his family and friends, but an entire nation that mourns the loss of one of its bravest sons. His life, character, and service deserve more than just a mention – it deserves to be celebrated.

Colonel Manpreet Singh and Major Aashish Dhonchak
Colonel Manpreet Singh and Major Aashish Dhonchak from 19 RR

Hailing from Bharaunjian village near New Chandigarh in Mohali district, Colonel Manpreet Singh was not just an army officer but a symbol of dedication. He was a second-generation soldier, following in the footsteps of his father, a non-commissioned officer. The soldierly legacy ingrained in him was evident in the commitment with which he served the nation.

Colonel Manpreet Singh 4
Colonel Manpreet Singh and Major Aashish Dhonchak from 19 RR

5 Inspiring Facts About Colonel Manpreet Singh

  1. Second-Generation Soldier with Deep Roots in Service: Colonel Manpreet Singh was not only dedicated to his profession but also carried forward the legacy of his father, who served in the Army as a non-commissioned officer. This highlights his deep roots in service to the nation and his family’s commitment to the cause.
  2. Exceptional Leadership: Colonel Manpreet Singh always believed in leading from the front, a testament to his courage and commitment. It’s rare for a commanding officer of his rank to be physically present at the front during fierce encounters, yet he stood steadfast, leading his troops in the line of duty.
  3. Gallantry Recognized: As a Lieutenant Colonel with the Rashtriya Rifles (RR), he was awarded the prestigious Sena Medal for Gallantry in 2021. His bravery was evident when he engaged and neutralized terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir who had opened indiscriminate firing.
  4. Community Builder: Beyond his military service, Colonel Manpreet Singh was also involved in community outreach. Under his leadership, his battalion organized a volleyball championship near Anantnag as a confidence-building measure for the locals. This showcases his efforts to build bridges and foster trust within the community.
  5. Dedicated Service Tenure: Having served about 17 years in the army, Colonel Manpreet Singh was nearing the completion of his tenure with the Rashtriya Rifles. His long-standing service with the same RR battalion for almost five years, first as the second-in-command and then as the Commanding Officer, speaks volumes about his dedication and loyalty to his unit and his country.

Colonel Manpreet Singh’s sacrifice underscores the immense bravery and dedication with which army personnel serve our nation. As his mortal remains were brought to Chandigarh, it wasn’t just a family that mourned; it was an entire nation paying homage to a hero.

He leaves behind not just a grieving family but also a legacy that will inspire future generations of soldiers. His life story will serve as a testament to what it means to serve with unwavering dedication and unparalleled bravery.

In the annals of India’s military history, Colonel Manpreet Singh will always be remembered as a beacon of bravery, leadership, and service above self.

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