TES-28th Jan 2013 Army SSB Interview Dates

Today joinindianarmy published the list of TES-28th SSB Interview Centers and Dates, few lists are pending and it will be coming by next month. The cut is 82% and above this time, candidates with 82% and above are shortlisted for the SSB Interview, going to commence in Aug -Sep 2012 .

Total number of shortlisted candidates : 9968

TES-28th Army SSB Interview Lists:

  1. Allotment of centers 
  2. SSB Allahabad 
  3. SSB Bhopal
  4. SSB Bangalore 

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  • Is there a cut off for tgc entry also?

    • Yes

    • no admin i dnt think so there not anything they write in tgc 116

    • Shokin, yes all can apply but this time they may keep some cut off, chances are there.

    • Sir according to u wat cn be the cut off for tgc116?

    • earlier there were no %age creteria even 50% agreegate students got commissioned is it so admin????????????

  • Sir plz tell me the no. of vacancies of this course.

    • Arpit please read the advertisement for that, vacancies are not always fixed, it may vary.

  • Hello Sir , I could not found something LIKE this joinindianary.nic.in . I mean about the merit list Of TES 28.

    • Merit list will come after interviews, now there is only center allotment list for SSB interviews.

    • There is nothing like center list for ssb interviews also .

    • Hey admin your “Allotment of Centres” link opens a page of Google Drive . . . . why ?????????

    • Center list link is posted above in this post, are you not able to open the link ??

  • hello sir,
    i want to know that the preferences we filled up in our form at the time of applying the exam..we received the call letter as our preferences or on the basis of merit list…as i have filled airforce my 1st prefernce but my roll no shown in IMA lists candidates which i filled 2nd.. m confused sir.. plz help me

    • plz reply sir

    • Did you pass for IAF ?

    • suppose u have scored ‘X’ no. of marks in ur cds.
      suppose they select ‘Y’ no. of candidates as a merit list.
      1)they prepare a list of candidates according to their MARKS(starting from the guy who has got max. marks).
      2)they put candidates in lists as their preferences.(again starting from the guy who has got max. marks)
      3)so they have 4 lists AIRFORCE,IMA,OTA,NA(no merit decided yet..ie ‘Y’ no of candidates)
      4)now coming to ur case…they might hav seen tht u are not in the first AIRFORCE’s ‘Y’ candidates(first preferences). n those ‘Y’ candidates are sent the ssb call letters.
      5)then they check the IMA’s ‘Y’ candidates(first preferences) list. nw they see tht ur marks are greater than the ‘Y’th candidate(suppose).
      so they fit ur in IMA as ur 2nd preference…n tht ‘Y’ candidate is eliminated from the IMA list…and other lists are checked for him as per his 2nd preference

      i think this is how they do it….

      plus if ur are selected for airforce ssb….then dere is no 2nd preference considered..it only works in IMA n OTA…

    • ohh u r talking abt TES after +2…then u hav ARMY,NAVY,AIRFORCE,NA
      the process is same if u hav ‘X’ no. of marks in ur 12th clearing the cutoff ofcource.

  • sir i got 81.333 ……..sir i have a chance for giving ssb ?

    • List is already out, check the allotment list above.

    • sir what about navy btech …will it be more or less than 82%

    • but can i get a call letter…..bz i got 81.3%

    • but can i get a call letter…..bz i got 81.3%

  • Sir when reporting dates will be alloted ??

    • Mostly in Aug.

    • sir,
      my name is there in cutoff list
      from where i can get the exact date for the ssb interveiw in allahabad

  • sir,
    when will be the cutoff list of navy Btech cadit entry will be declared

    • According to Navy it will come soon.

  • sir ,please reply as soon as possible……

  • sir,my pcm%is 84. &
    i could not find my name in this list.
    could u help me in this regard

    • Hope you applied once, contact Army for any related query.

  • sir what could be the cutoff for navy btech …..

    • May go above 80%

    • sir,
      every year does the no. of vacancy in TES entry remains the same i.e 85????…….
      sir, reply as soon as possible

  • sir when it is axpected to come …..

  • sir mine pcm percent is 87 and i have not shortlisted yet for 10+2 btech navy entry….. is der any changes of being shortlisted

  • sir i got 75 percent in pcm will i get selected or not……………..pls reply soon

    • when will be allowed to fill the form for next term tes 29 .

  • sir,
    notification for 10+2 btech cadit & TES entry in indian navy & army respectvly. come how many times in a year????……….sir please reply soon

  • Sir i lost my online application form . what can i do sir? can i participate in the ssb interview

    • Yes, go with the call letter.

  • sir
    is there any difference b/w the story writing in PPDT & TAT??

    • No, PPDT includes Discussion also, which is not there in TAT.

  • interview dates kab ayegi tes-28 ke liye

  • interview dates kab ayegi tes-28 ke liye

  • Sir as written above “few lists are pending” will the list also be above 82% or might come down

    • Lists are pending for SSB interview, cut off may remain the same.

  • sir will All the shortlisted students above will be called. For ssb

  • sir i got 81.33% in pcm 10+2 ……..so not selected for this tes-28…..now what should i do or for what should i apply now

  • sir i have been shortlisted for tes 27 th course by securing 77% in pcm…i had got the call letter for the last batch of tes 27th course,though previously the cut off was 80%,,at the very last time i got the call letter..this year the cut off is 82% ..can i have a chance this year with 77% in pcm?can i get a chance at very last time…

    • May or may not, can’t be sure, its totally depends on time and vacancies.


  • Sir allahabad list

  • sir,
    my name is in the list of TES 28 ,
    &my interveiw is in allahabad,
    so when will be the reporting dates of those whose interveiw is in allahabad will be declared

  • Allahabad dates may come soon.

  • sir i want to fil up this form ..plz tel me applying date nd last date..on my email id..nitesh.sharma702@gmail.com

  • what is the date of reporting for those whose name is decleared for bhopal centre

  • sir my 10+2 btech ssb date is clashing with tes date even it may clash with that of absentee batch what can i do plz suggest?

  • i think my current college exam dates would clash with my ssb which is on 21 oct but i am not sure, so till which date can i apply for change of my ssb dates?

  • respected sir
    my roll number was 535310 in tgc 116 and centre is also alloted to me and it is allahabad .But my name is not in date list declared by allahabad ..what i will do at now…pleasw tell me sir.

  • sir,i have just pass my 10+2 and i got 75% in pcm i want to ask you that how can i apply for 10+2 tech entry …..

  • sir when will 10+2tech form come…