Tips To Fill PIQ Form In SSB Interview

PIQ form is a very crucial part in SSB Interview, it can be a game changer for you. All most all repeaters knows the importance of PIQ form and the data written on it. If you are a fresher then you must be thinking, why PIQ form is so important  in SSB interview. Let us discuss the importance of PIQ form and some points one must keep in mind while filling up the details.

What is PIQ form?

  • PIQ stands for “Personal Information Questionnaire”, it is a set of basic questions written on a paper, which is required for your SSB interview. These questions are helpful for assessors to judge you better and after knowing certain things about you they can understand your personality. 

Why PIQ form is important?

  • It contains some basic details about you, which sometimes give a base to your personality, whatever you write in your PIQ form,  must be satisfied by your saying and doing during SSB testing. There shouldn’t be any miss match between what you have written and your are saying. 
  • Most of the questions asked by IO in the personal interview are based on your PIQ form, IO goes through your PIQ form well in advance and come up with some questions to crosscheck your PIQ form, questions used to cross check are so indirect and you might take it in ease but you should not contradict what you have written in the PIQ form. So it is better to write what you are and what you can prove during personal interview. 

Common mistake when filling  PIQ form:

  • Entering inaccurate information due to lack of self knowledge.
  • Entering false data to get more attention from SSB Board.
  • Writing too much of data and boasting.
  • Poor handwriting. 
  • Not taking the form seriously and writing without remembering anything.
  • Not aware or confused about  special achievements in academics and sports, ending up with writing false achievements.
  • Not mentioning correct hobbies and extra curricular activities. 

Tips to fill PIQ form:

  1. Write legibly.
  2. Know your personal details and avoid mistakes in basic information.
  3. Write true statements and answers. 
  4. Do remember what you are writing, it may help during interview. 
  5. Write correct achievements and hobbies, make sure you know about what you have written on the form. 
  6. Avoid cutting and overwriting.
  7. Avoid matching with others PIQ form.
  8. Write correct number of total attempts your have done so far.


PIQ form is indeed very helpful to decide your result, specially it plays a crucial role during personal interview. One must take his PIQ form  seriously and fill it will full attention. 
Do you have any question related to PIQ form or any tip which worked for you, do share it with us in the comment box below. 

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