3 AFSB Gandhinagar Interview Experience By Rahul Giri

3 afsb gandhinagar

I am Rahul Giri , a final year Electronics & Communication Engineering student from Rajkot, Gujarat. I appeared AFCAT 02/2012 and cleared in the first attempt was called for AFSB interview at AFSB Gandhinagar on 28thJAN 2013.

I was preparing well for it. I regularly visited www.ssbcrack.com updates from friends and their experiences I learned a lot from it.

The first thing was some form filling. The Selection Board was just newly started and hence the candidates called were very less. Only 54 Candidates were called out of which only 36 came. We filled up forms and then 2 sectioned OIR test were taken with proper instruction given before test.

The infrastructure @ AFSB Gandhinagar was awesome. After OIR we were given refreshments and then a break for 15 minutes then PPDT was taken.

In Picture a boy of about 22 years and behind him a women of about 45 years were there so I wrote story according to that when the discussion started we were divided in group of 12 candidates in each group. I was ready to speak politely at the starting suddenly 3 persons started like anything and spoke on the picture no was ready to stop. Between them some people including me were speaking but were difficult to listen. I thought to shout that let anyone speak as soon I approached someone told the same thing before me.

Then I thought to say that lets discuss the central characters first and then discuss about the story once again the same chest no spoke the thing before me I was like hmm hmm so there was nothing more impressing in me to be noticed by I/O

as a result of which I was rejected from the screening itself and was very disappointed but had a great experience at the place it was a great place to give your interview.it had well furnished rooms and appropriate equipment’s to test you.

So, choose AFSB Gandhinagar. You will have a great experience.
I will try again.

Jai Hind.
I Love My India.

Author: Rahul Giri
He is sharing his experience of 3 AFSB Gandhinagar through AFCAT entry

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