February 21, 2013

SSB Interview Rapid Fire Questions

ssb interview rapid fire questions
Personal interview in SSB is a part of 5 days testing, personal interview or PI requires more preparation than any other tests. Whatever you speak during PI counts and adds it to your personality, also interviewing officers tries to know more about you by asking questions of different levels. If you are a repeaters then you may know that few basics questions are always asked by interviewing officer.

ssb interview questions
Interviewing officer ask you series of questions at once and you are required to answer it one by one. It is not difficult if you listen to IO carefully, be calm and start answering one by one in a normal fashion. To help you, below are the few basic questions asked during personal interview.
  1. Name of the place you come from ?
  2. Institution where you had your education ?
  3. Your 10th class marks ?
  4. Favourite subjects in 10th class?
  5. Favorite teachers in 10th class, why?
  6. Teachers you didn't like in 10th, why?
  7. Your 12th class marks?
  8. Favourite subjects in 12th class?
  9. Favorite teachers in 12th class, why?
  10. Teachers you didn't like in 12th, why?
  11. Any competitive exam after 12th, what was the result?
  12. Your graduation %age?
  13. Why did you choose Btech/BSc/etc?
  14. Participated in any extra curricular activities? 
  15. Any special achievement? 
  16. Who all are there in your family? 
  17. What all they do ?
  18. How do you pass time? 
  19. How do you spend your pocket money or income?
  20. Tell me something about your friend?
  21. Who is your best friend?
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Counter questions based on your answers:

  1. Why your % is less in 10th/12th ?
  2. Why your marks are less in your favorite subject?
  3. Why did you stop playing xyz in college?
  4. How did you prepare for xyz competitive exam?
  5. Why did you fail in xyz competitive exam?
  6. Why didn't you try for NDA after 12th if you were keen to join Defence?
  7. Why you failed in NDA?
  8. Why your %age is less in graduation? 
  9. Why your job is different from what you have studied, why didn't you join in your core field?
  10. Why you are not doing any job after your graduation?
  11. What competitive exam you are preparing for? 
  12. What else if not Defence officer?
  13. What is your future plan?
  14. What xyz is your best friend?
  15. What qualities you look in a friend?
  16. What bad habits your friends have?
  17. Do you drink, smoke, go to prostitutes?
  18. What your friends think about you? 
  19. What is the xyz rule in xyz game?
  20. How would you organize a game of xyz in your college?
  21. What is the latest international news?
  22. Do you know about "xyz" which was in the news recently?
  23. Why your GK is so weak ?
  24. As you are an electrical engineering, define current ?
  25. What do you know about Indian Army?
  26. I guess you are not fit for defence officer, what do you think?
  27. What are the dimensions of the xyz game court?
  28. What is the best and worst part in your current job?
  29. Why you failed in previous SSB attempts?
  30. Tell me something about your hobby of xyz ?
  31. Why do you want to join defence?
  32. What next if you do not get recommend this time?
  33. Do you want to ask something?
More SSB Interview Questions
There are so many other questions asked by IO which also depends on how and what you answer, in fact, you only drive the whole interview questions asked by IO so always be careful what you speak there.

Have your ever faced any odd questions from IO? do share it in the comment box below.

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  1. i said that i m very emotional and love my parents and want to live with them . The IO said that u should better go for engineering.

    1. dude...everyone loves thr parents,,,but we need to care for the nation first,,,,Army never selects emotional persons,,,...tht is y SSB is conducte :)

  2. 1. What is the role of Biotech in Indian Army?
    2. As a biotech engineer how are you better then other graduates in a soldiers roles? ( specifically answer).
    3. Which arms/ services biotech engineers serve in Indian Army?

  3. Any clue about the Allahabad SSB dates for 135th DE IMA 135 CDSE 2 2012?

  4. Sir How much time we should take to complete answer asked by IO except Rapid fire question..30sec ..1 mnt/or 2mnt?????????????

  5. Sir pls post some critical situation puzzles that can be asked in pi

    1. Yes,You will get some tricky ones and you can rarely prepare for it.All it matters is the ability to handle such questions.So believe your abilities :)

  6. tell me 5 national and 5 international news and why do u consider then as national and international news..??

    1. and also the meaning of your name.. these two questions where also asked from me at allahabad board. and rest all above question will be asked to as above.

  7. my frnds were askd... do u hav a gf..??? if hav y..??? if no y..???? lol

    1. answer: No sir i dont have any girlfriend bz this relation is not accepted in our society, service as it involves physical relation and it also leads to wastage of time and distract our mind

  8. is it necessary that a person should have active participation in extra curricular activities? if 1 does not took part, is it a concern for a candidate in ssb .pls throw some light on this .would be grateful