How to Apply Online for TGC 119 Course

How to Apply Online for TGC 119 Course

Applications for TGC 119 course is open now and male Engineering Graduates can apply for it for a Permanent Commission in the Indian Army. Indian army has made some changes in the TGC 119 online application format which makes it quite easy for aspirants. Below you can find the step by step guide on how to apply for TGC 119 online

Here are the steps which will guide you to apply for this entry.
Go to the Indian army career website, i.e. and click on the “Click Here” of the advertisement scrolling on the top of the page for TGC 119 notification.
1. You will be directed to a page where the online application begins, here the instructions and eligibility are written, when you scroll down the page you’ll see a continue button and you have to click on this “Continue” button.

2. Now the login page will appear, since you’ll be a new user hence you’ll have to click on Sign-Up.
TGC 119 Log in page
3.When you click on Sign up a form will appear where you have to fill in your detail.
How to Apply Online for TGC 119 Course
4. When you successfully sign up then a new page will open here different entries which are currently open will be listed from them you have to choose or click on the online application form of TGC-119.
How to Apply Online for TGC 119 Course
5. When you click on this you’ll be directed to the main form, here first you have to fill in the personal details.
How to Apply Online for TGC 119 Course
6. When you complete the personal details you have to fill in the address i.e. temporary and permanent address for communication.
How to Apply Online for TGC 119 Course
7.Then you are asked to fill in whether you have appeared before for SSB or not, you can click yes if you have appeared for ANY SSB and no if not.
How to Apply Online for TGC 119 Course
8. Now if you click yes, you are asked to fill the details of you previous SSB Interviews.
How to Apply Online for TGC 119 Course
9. Now you are asked to fill the details of your educational qualification.
How to Apply Online for TGC 119 Course
10. After doing so you’ll be asked to fill in the details of your each semester of Engineering. Here you have to first click on Save then on Submit.
How to Apply Online for TGC 119 Course
11. When you click submit (after Save), automatically a file download option will come and you can download your application. Final year students have to get a certificate signed by their college principal whose specimen is given on the bottom of the page where you finally click on Submit. Here are a few instructions given by Army for the candidates:
  • After applying online, candidates are requested to take a print out, paste his / her attested photograph in the space provided, sign it in blue ink in the space provided and carry the application and acknowledgement without fail along with the original certificates along with the certificate from the college principal regarding conversion of cumulative grade into %age of marks and with a valid proof of identity to the Selection Centre when called for the interview. If candidate does not carry the above said documents to the Selection Centre for interview, his candidature will be cancelled.
  • It may be noted that depending upon the total number of applications received by this office, Recruiting Directorate reserves the right to shortlist and to fix cut off percentage of marks for SSB interview. No representation will be entertained in this aspect.
  • Any wrong details filled in above application will lead to cancellation of the candidature and suitable action will be taken against the candidate.
  • Applying second time on line or by post for TGC-119 will lead to cancellation of candidature.

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