Recommended For Indian Army In My 5th SSB Attempt

Feeling So happy that once I used to read success stories of others from SSBCRACK and gets inspire and Today submitting my own 🙂

Here I go..

Things were not going good as this was my 5th attempt on 13th Oct after getting conference out on 10th oct from Bhopal… I lost all hopes and thought to reach back home without attempting this SSB for CDS..thinking how to get those officer like qualities within 3 days.. But thought how can i reach back home with a failure that too after quitting…

            One friend in BHOPAL SSB UNDERSTOOD MY SITUATION AND TOOK ME TO HIS HOME IN ALLAHABAD i was reluctant at last decided to go and give my 100% Again..
But This time i decided to do experiment with myself.. by being freeminded, No panic nothing, just didn’t think of recommendation for a single time… and made myself  resolute to give my 100%. As every time i used to get screening this time also luckily i got in again after horrible story that was confidently Narrated!
            Then comes the second day .. hardest for me every time i appear in ssb.. But this time as i said i took it just story writing and to write whatever will comes to my mind first… no positive no negative just to observe and write .Although my practice and experience of last Ssb helped me getting good ideas n relating them with myself..
I did 44 SRTs. 51 WATs and completed Self description in time…
But for me this was worst psychology test with lot of negative stories /perceptions ever as Earlier i used to do 60 Wats 60 SRTs that tOo in TIME..
ALASS… A HARD test comes to an end…
And next day was my GTO (my favorite ) and also my interview the same day.
I always performed my GTO well that continues here also..Our group was able to give out group plan in GPE.. , good discussion and lecture.. I did 13 individual obstacles.
In command task i was called 6-7 times….. yes command task was not that easy with so much of Grilling! In CT he didn’t allowed me to use my subordinates and made me execute all my ideas myself… he also asked me to count reverse counting from 300 when I was a subordinate of other candidate …. So indications from here were clear that i performed good In GTO.

            Then comes the Interview.. my interview was 2 hours after my GTO and was instructed to change my dress… As i said i literally gave up hope because of psychology… so i was in no mood to change the dress as I was certain about the result changing dress will hardly alter my result… So I roamed here and there and reached waiting room just before time in my GTO dress and gave excuse I was unable to find my leather shoe.
So I was all comfortable with my shorts and to go for informal interview.. thinking today I ll talk asIi used to talk with my MAMA… stress free, all open, full of humour….It started with a rapid fire from smiling Sir about education, family, hobbies, interest, from where I got inspiration, my dream etc…

I gave answer but forgot hobbies and interest that I realise after getting out of room…… but he didn’t ask me again.. then comes about Army.Sir asked about different arms and service.. where I will go for training, what will be the duration and rank structure of Army….chief of Army staff etc …
Then come the G.S. and the question covered up the whole world itself and the question was!
Q:- Tell me 1 mega event happening in each continent of the world!!! Except India Pakistan and Afganistan.
As I was aware about south China sea, Brexit , Rio Olympic, Syrian Crisis, Boko harm, pink ball match in Australia… grilling was done here also like countries involving in south China sea. Prime minister of Britain etc I covered all except Antarctica and said sorry sir I don’t. Know about Antarctica….Q.Ask 3 wishes from God if he appears in front of you. One for mother father and friends each. Vivek’s reply:

> For father I said my father met with an accident and roads were inserted in his leg to make him walk.. so I want he should be as fit as he was before..

>For mother I wished that my mother is not educated so I want she be adorn with education so that she could see the transformation in herself being educated..

 >For my friend I said he had done his B.A and MA and then again BSC and MSC so that he can fulfill his dream to be a geologist Hence I want he should get a job in ONGC as Geologist.

Q.Sir: Ohk assume your parents fixed your marriage with a less educated girl ?(I knew this was the question in response to my wish for my mother ) So I said sir I will convince my parent to look for an educated girl.

Sir said no they are not convinced. So I said sir education is something not everything so I will talk to her if I found her good I will marry her then sir asked what will you talk?

I said with smile (sir talks that upcoming husband wife do) And from here the Enjoyment started with all ease..

He said ohk assume me as your upcoming wife so talk the way u ll talk to that girl..(this was shocking as i never faced such questions ever and heard such atmosphere of interview room!

From now entire interview was in hindi although I spoke some of the part in English but sir was speaking totally in hindi…

So I asked. 

Why didn’t you completed yr study ? 

Sir replied in whole female tone answering “mai to padhna chahti thi mere papa ne pdhaya hi nhi bs 10th tak hi pdhne dia hai par mujhe kadhai, bunai, silai, cooking sab sikhaya.(i starded laughing)

Then I asked “ki do you want to continue study? 

Sir said yes offcourse so I said okz I will allow you.

 Here I stuck for sometime So sir said ki bas 2 sawal puch ke shadi karega?  I said no sir I will talk more then sir said bolna fir!(i was blushing) Then I asked joint family me rahogi ya bs mere sath. Sir said “Mai shadi tumhare sath kar rahi hu tumhare parents se nahi offcourse tumhare sath rahungi.

I said mere papa ka accident hua hai he is not well. Mumy ki bi tbyt khrb rhti hai rhna to sath he padgea.

Then sir said “chlo thk hai tb to rh lungi.”

Then I asked ” main to border pe rahunga agar mujhe kuch ho gya to mere family ka bacho ka khyal rakhoge. ?

Sir said Angrily “ha rakhungi ye bi puchne ki baat hai kya?”

Then sir said agar mai Mar gai to tm mere mummy papa ka khyal rkhoge. ?? I said tm kaise marogi.

Sir said kaise bi heart attack se margai to ?

I said “ha rakhunga na baki tmare brother to hai hi.”

Then sir said “dusri shadi ni karogi”? 

I said “sir it depends on our child’s age”

Sir said lets assume koi baccha hai hi nahi then?

 I said if girls parent, my parents want me to start a new life then I will do… then he smiled

 and wished me luck for the conference…I was confused what he got from these answers! But it was my best interview till date!!

Still my psychology was haunting me but some hopes were there!!

Conference started and it lasted just for secs… and there were 4 people whose conference last for almost 15 minute… again i lost hope… as i have seen people who have long conference have good chances of recommendation… and in my batch there were 4 such candidates… At last results were announced and i was 1st one to be called .. chest no. 18 .. I could not express that feeling… earlier i use to thought i ll definitely cry out if i got recommendation… but it didn’t happen… i was so much happy worlds were not coming out i was not able to articulate my name and roll no. I was searching someone to hugg tightly and yeal but they hardly gave us time for that..i was like crying, like laughing,proud.. As i said i cant express that feeling!!!!
I got my dream. 

Medically fit all set to be the Part of my dream Career 🙂

I will be first generation Officer not only in my family but also in my Village..

MY father use to say : GURJARO me Officer kam hi hote hai

N today m soo happy that I ll be one of them. 🙂

My conclusion..

At last the best thing to deal with interview or entire SSB is to talk with your friends, your partner, your teacher ask them what they like in you ?what they don’t like and see how you can improve yourself?

See if you can make your qualities better. 

Moreover, observe them see their positive and negative qualities try to explain them. Talk with your parents ask stories of their struggle .. their good deeds so that u can correlate with TAT ,WAT also and after all this .Prepare SD including weakness and positive qualities …
Write it daily for 5 to 10 days in addition to filling of PIQ before SSB. 
I did the samewhen  one of my reccomended friend suggested me … because SSB revolve around your life which is incomplete without friends, teachers parents and your stories with them. 🙂 SSB experience of a fresher or repeater is always different … this is because of continuous improvement to fit into that criteria a repeater undergo so many changes and have long stories to tell..
Let me Assure everyone one thing : Continue your struggle repeaters

..Sooner or later you will definitely get that +sign ..BUT plz never give up on your dream.

Everyone have “IT” in him but the thing is have you projected your “IT” there?

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