Recommended For Indian Army In 9th SSB Attempt

Hello, everyone I am Raman Kumar. I got recommended for Indian Army in my Ninth Attempt from 18 SSB, Allahabad in Oct 2016. I am feeling very happy in writing and sharing my SSB experience with all of you. Like most of the repeaters my journey towards joining Indian Armed Forces was also a bumpy ride.  It all started in Nov 2013 with my first SSB at 12SSB, Bangalore. I got Conference Out in that. This started a series of failures. I got Conference Out 6 times and Screened out twice before getting recommended in ninth attempt. Although I was hopeful of selection since my first SSB, but consecutive non-recommendations were indicating something else. However, I kept moving on and preparing for next SSBs. Finally I got it after 03 years. Credit of my selection goes to my Mentor Rajpal Singh Rathore, who runs his own institute in Gurgaon.

Now I am sharing my experience with you. It was 15 Oct 16 and as many as 52 Army Aspirants were waiting outside MCO at Allahabad Junction. Out of them 2 were my old friends that I had made at 19 SSB Allahabad in April 2016 (Later we all three got recommended). Then we were taken to SSB Centre in a Bus. On our arrival some documentation was done followed by allotment of Chest Numbers. I got 25. On the day of screening a very hazy picture was shown to us. Everyone made a different story on that. At the end of the day only 26 (out of 52) qualified for Stage II. Surprisingly, I was the last Chest No (26). Then we were made to sit in a Hall and given some forms including PIQ form. Then we were told to go to barracks. To my surprise, I came to know from the already recommended candidates that Chest No. 26 is getting recommended for the last 3 batches. So this gave me some hope this time.

Next day our psychological tests started early in the morning and finished by 12 PM. I wrote simple stories on all the pictures shown to us in TAT (I had not read any SSB Book this time). I wrote stories on simple themes which came to my mind. I did all WATs and 47 SRTs. I wrote only 4-5 lines in each section of Self Description. Some of us were having their interviews after lunch but I was the lucky to escape. My interview was scheduled for next day. Then we were allowed to go outside. Then I went to railway station for doing reservation for the Conference Day (forced by 8 non-recommendations).

On the Third day ie GTO-I, Group Discussion, GPE, Group Tasks were completed and I performed in the same way as I used to in my earlier attempts but kept quite for most of the time in GD after giving 4-5 points. In lecturette, I had to face some difficulty because all the four topics were new to me and I was not prepared well on any of them. However, I was able to speak of 03 minutes. I could see GTO writing something when I was speaking after small pauses (as I was not prepared, I was making points on the spot). In Group tasks I kept quite for most of time but gave very logical points whenever I spoke and they worked. I gave preference to giving logical points than shouting unnecessarily.

After GTO tasks what came next, was the most strange experience of the entire SSB interview. It was my Personal Interview. Now why I am mentioning it strange is because; it lasted only for 14-15 Minutes. I was not happy with this. Because usually my interview used to last for 40-60 minutes. In these 15 minutes he just asked me about my family, friends and study. Its my kind advice to all of You to not to feel down due to poor performance in a single test. Because SSB sees the overall performance.

On the Fourth Day l.e. GTO-II we completed our remaining tests. In command task I was given the average test and I performed it within 2 minutes. I was happy with this because in my SD I had mentioned that I am an average person.ssb recommended

Then came the last Day “CONFERENCE DAY”. In the morning I wished each and everyone for the final day and taken their contacts numbers. As per instructions, we kept our luggage in the waiting shed. We were briefed by the JCO regarding Conference Procedure. My experience again took a turn when we were told that the Conference would start in yhe reverse order. It means I was the first to go inside. Before I was called in, they discussed on my performance for around 10 minutes (which was longer than my all attempts). I was feeling happy to see them taking some interest in me this time. It raised my morale and I went in confidently as the bell rang. I wished the President and sat down. My Interview Officer asked me few questions:-

  • How was this attempt different from the last ones.  (I said the group was very cooperative, due to which everyone performed well)  
  • How would you rate yourself out of 10.    (I rated myself 9)

Then I came out and started waiting for the results. Conference was finished by 10 Am. After 2 hours the Officer came with results. He started with the old ritual i.e. with examples of SRK, Former President Abdul Kalam, and Amitabh Bachan. Then he announced the results. He spoke Chest No. 19, 4, 26, 16 and 21. When he announced my chest no 26, I didn’t believe my ears at first, it happens when your hope is crushed for 08 times. I was on cloud 9; so long I waited for this moment in my life. It was the happiest day in my life. To my surprise out of 5 recommended candidates, we 03 had got conference out from the same batch in Allahabad in April 16.

So this was my SSB experience. In the end I would like to repeat lines of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.




————–JAI HIND————-

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