Recommended For Indian Army In 10th Attempt

Hello everyone, myself Chandresh Singh and got recommended from 11 SSB Allahabad for NCC 42 men in my 10th attempt, I would like to share my success story with you guys at

In all previous 9 attempts which I attended since NDA 2 2012, I was conferenced out 4 times and 5 times screened out, last two being screened out which kind of demotivated me but self-believe and never give up attitude kept me going.

So, cutting it short I would just like to mention what different I did this time from previous attempts. First of all I had prepared myself strongly with a second career option to be practical. I used to make my friends conduct the interview over call repeatedly, whenever my girlfriend visited me, I took her interview first so that she can have some idea what kind of questions she can ask me in my interview, so with this I was confident of my interview part along with rigorous preparation on current affairs.

Coming to GTO part, I had practiced speaking on around 150 topics which gave me enough knowledge and confidence that I can speak on anything and anytime. I feel that if you can make lecturette as your weapon then you are tough to be stopped.

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Now, as everyone knows what goes in those 5 days, I would like to mention that this time I did not go with the intention that I have to get recommended, but yes I had decided that I have to perform at my peak without worrying about recommendation, because performance will only will help. In GDs I kept calm and gave important inputs whenever I could and tried to be a active member of group, I never tried to prove that I am your leader or anything of that sort. Same thing with GPE, I have my points whenever I could.


Coming to PGT, I love these obstacle grounds and I am dam sure that no one can be better than me at it(not boasting but I really love it). So that part went swiftly. Now comes the lecturette, I spoke on BRICS, I spoke well on it and later my group friends also appreciated me for it.

Then comes my interview, it all started with a question “so Chandresh, what were you doing in the waiting room from past half an hour?” I told him that I was going through times of India headlines, then he asked me what I read in that, then I explained him in detail about UNHRC asking NHRC about why Indian army is using pellet gun in Jammu and Kashmir, he was satisfied by my answer. Next, comes 2-3 rapid fire rounds, I answered almost all. He asked me if you can’t make it in army, what are your alternative career options?, I said sir I am preparing for CAPF and IAS, after this he asked me 13-14 GK and current affairs just to check if I was really preparing for these exams and I answered all except one partial answer. So he was again convinced by my point. So overall the interview was very good and I felt that I had impressed my IO by being logical in everything.

Now the final day ”conference, we were asked to report by 8 in 11 SSB BOARD ALLAHABAD, conference started, when my turn came, I had to wait for around 7-8 minutes and that was the time I though you have a chance this time Chandresh, my friend(Shavan Pandey who also got recommended) sitting behind me said the same thing. Now as I entered the conference room, I wished my interviewing officer who was the president of the board saying “jai hind sir”, he asked me to sit and started with “did you miss any question in interview?” I replied yes sir, and completed the partial answer which I had given previously in my interview. New he asked me to rate my all three tests psychology, interview and GTO, I rated according to my analysis. Then he asked me a question of speed and distance, first I answered roughly, but he wanted me to be precise, I asked him one minute time, I calculated and told him the precise answer. Then he just asked me some formal questions like how was the stay and any improvement in system.


After 15 minutes, our results were ready, one major came in with a white paper in his hand. We three of us were recommended, when he called out my chest no, it was really unbelievable for me but I knew one day I will have to experience this feeling, it was like dream come true for me, we rushed towards luggage and broke the news to my family who were hungrily waiting for the news. Now medicals done, all fit, just waiting for merit list and hoping for a bright future ahead with Indian army!!!!!


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