Story Of Maj Gen Somnath Jha & Mrs Chitra Jha Will Inspire Everyone To Do Something For The Country

Unique tale of a tribute homage journey by Indian Army veterans, Maj Gen Somnath Jha & Mrs Chitra Jha, a strong couple who took an incredible journey across every Indian state to honour every fallen soldier of the Indian Army by Cycling over 12,000 kms – 2 Min for Every Martyr!

This episode is part ‘Undefeated – Soldiers of Courage’, an ambitious Web-Series by Paper Weight Entertainment, inspired by the life that a soldier and their families live. What makes them stand out and what gives them the courage to keep living even after the harsh situations they go through during their service for the country and how they (soldiers) who join the armed forces at a very young age grow and imbibe certain principles in life that sets them apart from the others.


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