Recommended For Indian Army Tech Entry- AIR -1

Hello all defense aspirants! I am Madhuri Vyas. I got recommended from 21 SSB, Bhopal in the first attempt. It’s a dream come true to write my SSB story for SSBCrack. From past 2 years, I am following SSBCrack and found myself motivated by reading the stories of recommended candidates.

I am a B.Tech(EE) graduate from my hometown Udaipur, Rajasthan. I have started giving AFCAT and CDS exam from the final year of the degree. I cleared AFCAT 1 2017 exam in 3rd attempt. For its SSB, I chose to appear at 4 AFSB, Gandhinagar on 18th  Sept. I started preparing for AFSB by joining Shaurya Defence Academy run by Retd. Col. M.S.Rathore in my home town. In the SSB sessions, I come to know about the exact procedure of the SSB.

In May I learned about my Tech entry in Army and received call letter for SSCW- Tech 20 entry. Initially, I was unsure of going for this entry as I wanted to use my fresh candidate status for AF SSB in which I am eligible for pilot entry (Becoming fighter pilot is my ultimate dream.) and also I needed more practice in G.K . My mentor Rathore Sir and my parents motivated me to go for it.

In the call-up letter we were asked to report at 14:00 hrs at Bhopal railway station on 14th  June, 2017. I and my one friend who was appearing for the same entry reached Bhopal station at 11:30 hrs. We were picked up around 12:30 hrs for SSC Bhopal. On reaching the selection centre, we were asked to wait for the other candidates. After the arrival of all the candidates, we were allotted rooms each to be shared by 6 candidates. Now we went to the admin block where our document verification and allotment of chest numbers took place in which 100 candidates were given the chest numbers. I was allotted with chest no. 6. On the next day OIR test and PP&DT were scheduled. In OIR, I attempted 95% questions and in PP&DT I made a simple, positive story. At the time of discussion, we were divided into groups of 15. I narrated my story confidently and my story with one more good story was concluded as group story. I had participated actively in group discussion. The screening results were declared after lunch. I lost hope when my chest number was not called out initially but soon it was called out and I was filled with joy and happily took the Stage II chest no. 12. After keeping our luggage back to the rooms we reported to the conference hall where we filled PIQ forms and deposited our cell phones.

Current Affairs questions will be from last 5-7 months (for AFCAT, NDA, CDS, TA)

Next day was the psychological tests. I made fairly positive stories in TAT keeping the woman as lead characters. In WAT I wrote the first sentence that came to my mind and attempted 57 words. I attempted 43 SRTs and wrote logical answers. In SD, which I have prepared in advance write the exact feedback by my parents’ teachers and friends. Also, we were told about our Interview schedules. The next day was our GTO 1st  day. As I am an athlete and love outdoor activities, I was very much excited. We were divided into groups of 9. In GD I spoke 2 to 3 times and made logical points. My group was very cooperative and everyone was getting a chance to put across their ideas. In GPE, PGT and FGT I gave workable ideas and was helping the group for the proper execution of them. In lecturette, I spoke on ” The roles and achievement of DRDO” for 2 min 30 sec. The last activity for the day was GOR, my favorite. My group chose ” Vande Matram” as our war cry. We repeated the first obstacle and lagged behind all the groups. we tried to cover up in the next obstacles. I was the first one to climb the wall with the help of my group and helped all the members to climb. We completed the GOR on time.  When we returned to the lines, I was informed about my interview which was scheduled 2 hours later. When I entered into the PI room, the interviewer asked me about my day at the field. As I literally enjoyed the day, I told him that I was excited to do all sort of ground activities. Then he started rapid fire round in which he asked me about my education, family, my interests and hobbies, the games I played and technical questions regarding to my field. He asked me questions in a very firm way and even mocked me few times. He was constantly trying to pressurize me by using sentences like ” Don’t tell this answer to a 10th grade student, otherwise he will think this girl is stupid” etc. My interview lasted for 45 – 50 minutes. When I came out of the interview room, I was not satisfied with my performance as I got stuck in GK questions and few questions related to Indian defense services. I tried to keep a positive attitude for the next test. The next day was GTO day 2. The remaining 3 tests were conducted which started with IOR. I was a little bit nervous about it. We were given a demo and I observed it very carefully. The most important part of it was how to hold the ropes in various obstacles. I did 7 obstacles most of which involves rope and jumping. In the CT, I was called 3 times. Before my command task, GTO had a short interaction with me for 5 minutes regarding my background, the reason behind choosing defense services as a career and my qualities which make me suitable to be a part of Indian Army. The last task was the FGT which our group completed in 2 minutes and we were relieved. After coming back to the lines, we went to the internet lab to find the answers to the questions that jumbled us in order to get prepared for the conference. 

The next day was 19th June, the last day of our stay and the conference day. I had decided that I will keep myself positive during the whole process and whatever the decision may be. My turn came after 20 minutes the conference started. I went inside and wished the president of the board. The officer which was my interviewer asked me about my stay at the board and how do I like it. When I told him that I learned few things which I would like to inculcate in myself, he fired me with the question that ” State any 2 things which you have learned.” I answered him honestly and was sent out. We had our lunch after conference and results were declared around 14:00 hrs. The officer declaring result asked us that whom we think will get recommended. I confidently took the name of chest no. 29 who was a very deserving candidate. The first chest number called out was chest number 11 who was admitted in MH. The next chest number was mine, chest number 12. I was numb and didn’t get up from my seat for few seconds. Then I realized that I heard the chest no. correctly, I went ahead. 8 out of 35 candidates were recommended. We stayed back there for 5 more days for medicals. I got the temporary rejection for my carrying angle (CUBITUS VALGUS). I selected Base Hospital Delhi Cantt for the review appeal. I reported there on 27th July. The officials asked us to report back on the next day. In the evening while we were shopping in Chandani Chowk, I come to know that our merit list was out. The moment I opened the list and saw my name on the top in my stream, I had tears of joy in my eyes. Now all the hopes were on clearing the medical. The next day I was declared medically fit at BHDC by 16:00 hrs and this is how I get a chance to serve the motherland.

By keeping oneself honest, logical and positive, one can easily make it through the SSB. Best wishes to all the aspirants!

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