20 Reasons Why Defence Aspirants Are Different From Others

A career in the Indian armed forces is different from all other career options. Only a defence services lover can understand and feel the urge to serve the nation. For these defence aspirants, all their dreams, talks, daily routine, everything revolves around the Indian military. At the time when most of the kids think of being a fashionista, styling hair, busy wearing branded clothes, clicking selfies, and what not; a defence lover yearns for the Uniform. They eat, sleep, rave envisaging their life serving the Indian Military.

Even before joining the services, they already carry that peculiar sense of passion, patriotism and pride in their gestures. Not easily swayed by the shackles in their pathways and fighting it all as a tough rock. They are already warriors, in the truest sense! Individuals who live their dream every day can never be a loser in life, if or not they end up with the opportunity to serve the nation, they shall always be tough fighters. And this is because they don’t know such things like giving up.

While any other individual would want to settle for a good, decent job with a handsome package, Defence lovers fantasize an utterly unconventional and offbeat goal. After all, how many want to desert their comfortable lifestyles and join a service of everyday life threatening dangers & risks and yet so adventurous and full of pride? Well, not everybody possesses the will to do so. Individuals with a warrior’s heart, a zealous mind, and a spirited soul long to fulfill that moral obligation of serving the nation once in their lifetime.


Let’s read some features which we find only in Defence aspirants that separate them from the crowd:

  1. Izzat or Respect is a very important title for the defence aspirants. Even before joining the services, they have willingly learned to earn it from their family, relatives, friends, and other people. The glint of spark that you see in their eyes when they tell you about their dreams of earning the Prestige and Honour of the Indian Armed Forces, that is when they get those goosebumps and realize that they are halfway there to achieving their goal.
  2. Crew Cut, whether you take it as a trend or discipline; Defence aspirants always try to maintain that crew cut even if they are not selected.
  3. Early risers. All defence aspirants try to follow the discipline of waking up early in the morning, especially months before their SSB. 😉
  4. Strong yearning. They have this strong desire to join the forces and dream about it all day and night. They talk about it all the time. All their conversations reflect something related to the military. They have full knowledge of the Armed Forces, MIlitary Intelligence of around the world. They love to stay up to date about all the current happenings.
  5. Defence aspirants commonly have a one-dimensional view of the world. They envision everything with one perspective of fighting out terror.
  6. Wearing that golden rim black Ray-Ban while coming out of their Service Gypsy is a dream of all defence aspirants.
  7. A military officer was asked, “Sir, how much do you earn?” And the reply from the officer was,” Roughly a hundred Salutes every day!” All defence aspirants desire to say this line some day.
  8. The dream to buy a Royal Enfield or some sports bike might be, is cherished only by the military lovers.
  9. Sukhoi Su-30 MKI or BMW/Audi? Obviously, a defence aspirant would dream of Su-30 MKI more than BMWs and Audi! A Fauji Gypsy means more than anything to them than these luxury cars.
    Current Affairs questions will be from last 5-7 months (for AFCAT, NDA, CDS, TA)
  10. They dream of saving millions of lives by putting theirs on line.
  11. Only a defence aspirant would crave for stars or stripes on their Uniforms.
  12. This one is my favorite! All military aspirants imagine each possible scenarios of gun fighting with terrorists, neutralizing them, saving the lives of civilians and diffusing bombs. 
  13. They have already visualized how their SSB personal interview would go and what their reply would be when the Interviewing officer asks ” Why do you want to join Army/Air Force/Navy?”.
  14. They fancy a life less ordinary and want to live the most lavish life!
  15. Once in a while, all of defence aspirants picture about doing RAGDA (Punishment given to Cadets at Academy).
  16. All of them envision themselves wearing that Olive Green Uniform. Uniform alone gives them the feeling of pride and prestige.
  17. They have crossed ANTIM PAG a million times in their dreams. Goosebumps? 🙂
  18. Only a defence aspirant would feel this when the parents don those stars on their child’s shoulders on the day of passing out parade (POP). Proud and overwhelming moment!
  19. That OTA song, “Josh hai, Humme jaan hai.., is a dream of military lovers; to sing it along with other cadets while being at the academy.
  20. At that delicate age when kids around them are busy saying “I love you”, defence aspirants probably prefer saying “National Defence Academy”. Well, how many of you find these stimulating features in yourself?

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