Recommended For Indian Navy Through NDA Exam

Previously, 2 times screen out and 1 time conference out. And recommended in the 4th attempt for NDA naval Academy from 33 SSB.

‌Screening: I Prepared well for OIR test. Later in the picture perception, a picture in which one teenager with an infant was playing. What I made, was a story revolving around the orphan house. Afterwards, in narration, I narrated it very well (not much before the time and not even taking much time) short and crisp. In discussions, take part actively, don’t repeat any points that you have said before. And it’s not important to initiate the GD, but be active in discussion, don’t think you will get a chance and then you will speak.

Day1- Psychology – Nothing to worry about, take it just as a test, nothing to worry about grammar and vocabulary. What I did, just wrote stories revolving around my background with a realistic end and solution. In WAT make any sentence or word that comes to your mind first. Ex. TRUST- I wrote ” Friendship”. In SRT write most probable and positive response in a good manner ( I wrote around 36/60..not so good)… In SD, think about what to write much before SSB, SD is just like question bank for Personal Interview.

Current Affairs questions will be from last 5-7 months (for AFCAT, NDA, CDS, TA)

DAY2- GTO 1 G.D. – My GD topic was ”What is the biggest threat to peace in the world, Terrorism, Rouge countries, social and communal violence and second why today’s youth deviate nowadays, because of peers, lack of parental attention, online social media. Similar to the discussion of stage 1. Don’t speak for just sake of speaking, recollect your facts and present it In a proper manner, when everybody is listening to you. Don’t speak much, it will be seen as a dominant character. Similarly in GPE, try to give valid points and don’t repeat any point, come for constructive discussion coming out with a proper reason behind it.NDA SSB recommended

PGT, GOT, and HGT – participate actively and coming out with good ideas…. Don’t think like an individual, think as if you have to cross obstacles with the whole group.

Lecture: I spoke on ” Rising power of China in the world” explained it in all aspects of the economy, defense and foreign affairs, gave parallel comparisons with India.

GTO 2- IO, I did 10 obstacles and my CT was also not much challenging, just average difficulty. And completed CT much before in time.

Personal interview: He asked me to rate my performance in GTO tasks and psychological and why. Asked a number of logical and intelligence questions. Asked a number of questions related to my hobbies and interests… To screw the level up he asked a number of technical questions and GK, in which I answered almost 60-70% and rest unanswered, don’t answer in a doubtful manner. Ex. He asked me the length of the coast line of India-and I answered with confidence ” 3500 km” which I heard incorrectly from somebody else. Later….question in SD was asked to me in an indirect manner.

‌Conference: Waited for around 5-7 minutes, then surrounded by all officers in white naval uniform, staring at me, interviewing officer asked me to rate my this time performance in SSB and compare to the previous attempt, and then afterward the similar questions about stay and food.

‌Medicals: About 40-50% candidates get T. R., So, be medically fit. And have a checkup before you go to the SSB. THANK YOU, EVERYONE.

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