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What To Prepare After Clearing AFCAT and How?

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Congratulations first of all to all those of you who have cleared the AFCAT Now the question is what next? The written test is only the first step in the ladder of climbing up to the Indian Airforce. There are many more steps yet to come, and it’s always good to start preparing much beforehand to avoid last minute problems.

Especially those who are Fresher’s must be very curious and excited to know that what all they must prepare. Hence here are few things which you can start preparing after clearing this written test.


This is the first thing you need to look for. Going for such an important interview demands that your journey must be trouble free and comfortable. Hence you must look for the reservations of the date you have chosen for the SSB. In case the reservations are not yet open, make a note of when they’ll get open, what all trains you can go for (in case of long journey), or at least decide the option you’ll take for your journey ( bus/train etc.).


Keep your entire documents ready, once you have generated your call letter, go through the documents required, their photocopies needed, attestation etc. This will give you time to get the document which you don’t have with you for e.g. Provisional degree etc. Don’t forget the photographs.
GK: In the interview your GK and current affairs will boost your confidence a lot. Keep yourself updated with the recent national, international news and form your opinion on important issues, be in regular touch with the newspaper. This will help in GD, Lecturette etc.

Airforce and Military Awareness

You need to know about the basic working and strength of the forces. This includes important aircrafts, recent Defence deals etc.


Start knowing yourself better, your friends, family better. Think about the negative and positive points of self and family. You must be well aware of the details of your hobbies, the games you play or have played and you must have a clear idea of your percentage, achievements etc. You can read the frequent questions asked in the interview from our website and prepare yourself accordingly.

Practicing the Psych Test Series and Reasoning

Be in touch with the reasoning questions and practice the psych tests since they demand a strict time constraint.

Physical Exercise

You must look fit and do well in the GT series also. You can start going for a jog in the morning or you can do light exercise. This will increase your stamina and also improve your gait and body language. A sound mind resides in a sound body has not been said in vain.

Dress and Other Essentials

Make a list of all what you require for the AFSB interview. Then strike out the thing you have and arrange for the once you don’t. Look for the appropriate dress and shoes and try them. Be comfortable in your white shoes hence practice running in them since you have you do a lot of physical work in them.

Public Speaking and English

Though last on this list this is of utmost importance. The whole AFSB is about public speaking. Hence you must start practicing speaking in English at once. Speak in English with friends and family this will remove your shyness and help in boosting up confidence. Practicing lecturette is the best way to improve public speaking and English.
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  1. i have already attended ssb for nda (PC) and army ssc-41 (ssc) in the past…now i am going for afcat ssb in varanasi….. will i get the travelling allowance (TA) for the afcat entry becoz i think as per air force rules, any candidate appearing for ssb for afcat entry first time will be given TA ….is this true ????.. please rply to my query ???? will I get the TA or not ??
    plzz admin rply soon or some other frnd who has true info regarding this……


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