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Written ExamsAFCATAFCAT 1 2024 Result Out Now, Cut Off Marks, AFSB Registration

AFCAT 1 2024 Result Out Now, Cut Off Marks, AFSB Registration

To view your AFCAT 1 2024 results, visit the official AFCAT website at afcat.cdac.in once the results have been published, and you will be able to download them from there.

The culmination of rigorous preparation for many defence aspirants, the AFCAT 1 2024 exam, was held over three days, from February 16 to 18, 2024. Candidates who sat for the exam eagerly await the afcat result, which is pivotal to fulfilling their ambitions of a distinguished career in the Indian Air Force. Eagerly anticipated, the afcat 1 2024 result is set to be disclosed on the official website, afcat.cdac.in, projecting a decisive moment for participants gauging their performance.

Understanding the afcat 2024 result is crucial, as it is the first step in the multifaceted selection process for becoming Class I Gazetted officers. The exam’s outcome is not just a score—it is a gateway to advancing through the subsequent AFSB interviews and securing coveted positions. As aspirants keep a vigilant eye on the afcat 2024 cut off details, it is essential they know how to navigate the result-checking process and interpret their scores within the framing of the afcat cut off thresholds.


Overview of AFCAT 1 2024 Result

The AFCAT 1 2024 result, a decisive milestone for many defence aspirants, has been officially released, marking a significant phase in the recruitment process for the Indian Air Force. The examination, which took place across three days in February 2024, was a crucial step for candidates aiming to secure vacancies for Class-I Gazetted Officers in Flying and Ground Duties. Here is an overview of the AFCAT 1 2024 result:

  • Result Declaration: The AFCAT 1 2024 result was officially released on March 7, 2024, after the examination was conducted on February 16, 17, and 18. As anticipated, candidates were able to access their results in the second week of March 2024, as per the tentative schedule announced earlier by the authorities.
  • Result Components: Each candidate’s result includes their name, photograph, roll number, score, and the cut-off marks. The result also indicates the qualifying status of the candidates, which is essential for the next stage of the selection process. In case of any discrepancies, candidates are advised to contact the exam authorities without delay.
  • Accessing the Result: Results are available exclusively online, and candidates can download their AFCAT 1 2024 result by visiting the official IAF website, afcat.cdac.in, and entering their email ID, password, and captcha code. The IAF has also provided a direct link for downloading the result, which was activated upon release.

    This result not only reflects the candidates’ performance in the online examination but also plays a pivotal role in shaping the final merit list, which will be based on the combined outcomes of this exam and the subsequent AFSB interviews. Successful candidates will proceed to the next stage, carrying the aspiration to serve in the esteemed Indian Air Force.
AFCAT 1 2024 Result

How to Check AFCAT 1 2024 Results

To ensure a smooth and successful retrieval of the AFCAT 1 2024 results, candidates are advised to follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Initiate the Process:
    • Begin by navigating to the official AFCAT portal at afcat.cdac.in or use the direct link provided on relevant platforms to access the login page.
  2. Login Credentials:
    • On the portal, locate the AFCAT 1 2024 Result link and proceed to the login portal.
    • Carefully enter your Email ID and Password, which were used during the registration process.
    • Solve the captcha code displayed on the screen to verify your entry and click on the ‘Login’ button to proceed.
  3. Accessing the Result:
    • Once logged in, your AFCAT 1 2024 result will be displayed on the screen.
    • Candidates should review the information on the scorecard, which includes their personal details, scores, and the cut-off marks.
    • It is crucial to check for any discrepancies in the result and report them immediately to the authorities.
  4. Download and Print:
    • For future reference and subsequent selection stages, download the result by clicking on the ‘Download’ button.
    • It is recommended to print a copy of the result and secure it for the upcoming selection processes.

      Candidates are reminded to keep their login credentials safe and secure, as these will be required not only to check the AFCAT result but also to access further instructions and updates regarding the selection process. The official release of the AFCAT 1 2024 cut-off can also be checked on the same portal, providing candidates with a comprehensive view of their standing in the recruitment process.

Understanding AFCAT 1 2024 Score Calculation

The AFCAT 1 2024 score calculation is a precise process that reflects the candidates’ knowledge and aptitude, essential for a career in the Indian Air Force. Understanding this scoring mechanism is crucial for aspirants to gauge their performance:

  • Exam Structure & Marking Scheme:
    • The exam comprises 100 MCQs across four sections: General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test.
    • Each correct answer adds +3 to the score, while an incorrect answer results in a -1 penalty. Questions left unanswered do not affect the score.
  • Normalization of Scores:
    • Given that the AFCAT exam is conducted in multiple shifts, scores are normalized using a statistical method. This ensures fairness and equity in the assessment process, considering any variations in the difficulty level across different exam slots.
  • Merit List Criteria:
    • The IAF prepares a merit list based on candidates’ performance in the AFCAT online exam. The minimum qualifying marks, as decided by the IAF, are pivotal in this preparation.
    • The final merit list combines the AFCAT scores with the AFSB interview results, determining the candidates’ suitability for the next stages of the selection process.

      Candidates should note that the medium of the exam was English, and the questions ranged from average to moderate difficulty, totaling a maximum of 300 marks. This scoring system is designed to objectively evaluate the candidates’ abilities, ensuring that only the most qualified individuals proceed to the subsequent stages of the selection process.

AFCAT 1 2024 Cut Off Details

As the AFCAT 1 2024 results are declared, candidates’ focus shifts to the cut-off details, which are the determining factor for their progression to the AFSB Interview. Here are the key insights into the AFCAT 1 2024 cut-off:

  • Expected Cut-Off Range:
    • The anticipated cut-off for AFCAT 1 2024 is projected as 137 marks. This estimation is based on the exam’s difficulty level, good attempts by candidates, and normalization of scores.
  • Influencing Factors:
    • Several elements contribute to the determination of the AFCAT cut-off each year, including:
      • The total number of candidates appearing for the exam.
      • The number of vacancies available for the year.
      • The difficulty level of the exam, which can fluctuate annually.
      • The performance of the candidates, which affects the average scores.
      • Trends from previous years’ AFCAT cut-offs, providing a historical perspective.
  • Historical Cut-Off Trends:
    • To better understand the cut-off trends, candidates can review past cut-offs:
      • AFCAT 2023: AFCAT-1 cut-off was 155, while AFCAT-2 was 151.
      • AFCAT 2022: Both AFCAT-1 and AFCAT-2 had a cut-off of 157.
    • These historical figures suggest a consistent range but candidates should prepare for potential increases in the cut-off threshold.

      The official AFCAT Cut Off 2024 will be released by the Indian Air Force alongside the results on their official website, afcat.cdac.in. Candidates scoring equal to or higher than the cut-off will find themselves eligible for the next challenge—the AFSB interview. It is essential for aspirants to keep abreast of these details to evaluate their standing and prepare for future endeavors in their journey to join the Indian Air Force.

What Next After AFCAT Result 2024

Upon receiving the AFCAT 1 2024 results, successful candidates will embark on the subsequent phases of the selection process, which are meticulously designed to assess their suitability for a career in the Indian Air Force. Here’s what qualifies candidates can expect following their result:

Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) Interview and Testing

  • Invitation for AFSB: Candidates who meet the AFCAT 1 2024 cut-off will be invited to attend the AFSB interview at designated centers across India, including Dehradun, Mysore, Varanasi, and Gandhinagar.
  • AFSB Testing Stages: The AFSB evaluation is a comprehensive 5-day process, which includes:
    • Stage I: Screening Test
    • Stage II: Psychological Test, Group Tests, and Interview
    • Stage III: Medical Examination at AFCME, New Delhi, or the Institute of Aviation Medicine, Bengaluru

Preparing for AFSB

  • Documentation: Candidates must bring all necessary documents for verification, such as original educational certificates, NCC certificate (if applicable), Commercial Pilots’ License (if applicable), and recent passport-size photographs.
  • Physical Fitness: As part of the AFSB testing, physical fitness is crucial. Candidates should be prepared to perform specific physical tasks.

Post-AFSB Steps

  • Medical Examination: Selected candidates will undergo a medical examination to ensure they meet the health standards required for the demanding life in the Air Force.
  • Final Merit List: An All India Merit List will be compiled based on candidates’ performance in both the written test and AFSB interview, factoring in their medical fitness.
  • Branch Allotment: Successful candidates will receive joining instructions based on vacancies in various branches and their preferences, leading to training at one of the Indian Air Force establishments.

    Candidates are advised to stay informed by regularly checking the official website for updates regarding the AFSB interviews and to prepare diligently for the AFSB tests, focusing on the specific components of the evaluation process.


Through careful analysis and strategic preparation, defence aspirants have crossed a significant hurdle with the declaration of the AFCAT 1 2024 result. It’s not just a reflection of their dedication and hard work but also a stepping stone towards fulfilling a commitment to serving the nation. With the results unveiled, successful candidates find themselves on the precipice of the next challenge, poised to undergo the rigorous AFSB interview and subsequent phases, inching ever closer to their dreams of a career in the Indian Air Force.

As contenders advance, it is paramount to stay updated and ready for what lies ahead. Keep a vigilant eye on the Indian Air Force’s official portal for the latest developments and ensure you are thoroughly prepared for the AFSB interviews. For those aspiring to fly high with the Indian Air Force, the journey only escalates from here, promising a path filled with honour and valor. To uphold the spirit of this pursuit and for detailed insights on the selection process, visit the official AFCAT website.


How do I access my AFCAT 1 2024 results?

To view your AFCAT 1 2024 results, visit the official AFCAT website at afcat.cdac.in once the results have been published, and you will be able to download them from there.

Where can I find my AFCAT 1 2024 scorecard?

Your AFCAT 1 2024 scorecard can be found on the official website, afcat.cdac.in. To retrieve your scorecard for the exam held on February 16, 17, and 18, 2024, you must log in with a valid Email ID, password, and enter the captcha code provided.

Can you explain the AFCAT 2024 selection procedure?

The AFCAT 2024 selection process includes an online test followed by an AFSB interview. The online test consists of sections on General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability, Military Reasoning, and an Aptitude test, with a total of 300 marks available.

What are the AFCAT 1 2024 examination dates?

The AFCAT 1 2024 examination is scheduled to take place on February 16, 17, and 18, 2024. Candidates can expect the admit card to be released on January 30, 2024.

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

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