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Defence Related Questions for SSB Interview

As mentioned above, you are expected to know a few things about the organization you are going to join.

When we go to SSB, we see a lot of candidates having immense knowledge about the forces. That gives us a complex, many times, as we are not having so much of knowledge. Many of you are from a civilian background, many of you go there for getting a job and rather are not that passionate about the forces.

Many of yours’ childhood dream was probably not the forces. But then there are people who have knowledge about everything in the forces, right from the trainers, to the fighters, from squadrons to regiments, from the oldest weapons to the latest ones, from the historic wars to the war heroes, practically everything. You on the other hand are awestruck. We’ll look into detail on what is important and what not, and does having knowledge about the forces really help?

What is essential? There are a few things which you are expected to know about the certain organization which you are going to join. These things include:  

  • Commands, headquarters. (of the service you are going to join)
  • Ranks
  • A few aircrafts/guns/weapons/ships
  • Few missiles
  • Chief of staff
  • Information about anything related to defence, if you have in your city.
  • Recent Defence deals
  • Name of the defence minister
  • Major wars
  • What your job profile will be

If you are from a defence background or any of your family member/close friend is in defence you need to know a few additional things:  

  • Fine details about the work of the person you know.
  • Everything, about the unit/squadron the person works in.
  • Details about the aircraft/ship if associated.
  • You’ll be asked anything and everything related to the organization if you have your sibling or parents in it.

Does it help? As mentioned above, you are expected to know a few things about the organization you are going to join. It shows that you are dedicated to join it and that you are sincere in your attempt. Whereas lack of any knowledge shows that you are very casual about your attempt. If you are working and still manage to get hold of a few information about the forces then that will definitely help you, as it’ll cast a good impression that you are hardworking and found time out of your busy schedule to read about the forces. Of course this will never form the basis of your selection, but it might form a basis of your rejection, if you do not know anything. SSB is a collective test, the results depend on the collective result of the small tasks which form a part of the whole testing. Interview is a major part of it and you can be tricked around this part if you have not prepared well for it, in the interview. For those of you having a defence background, you are expected to know a great deal, as you have been living in that environment since childhood. If you fail to answer then that shows your lack of awareness about your surroundings. So in order to be fully assured of your success, why not prepare well for it in advance. After all if defence is your aim, you’ll not like to leave any stone un turned to join it.

Tashi Mishra
Tashi Mishrahttps://www.ssbcrack.com/
An ardent follower of Military, football. Loves to read. Writer by choice, computer professional by chance! And Dil toh fauji hai jee!!

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