8 Pictures Of Indian Army Sniper Team Will Give You Goosebumps

Snipers play an important role in infantry battalion. They give the commander accurate, discriminatory, long-range small-arms fire. The best use of sniper fire is against key targets that other available weapon systems may be unable to destroy due to their range, size, or location; visibility; security and stealth requirements; avoidance of collateral damage; intensity of conflict; or rules of engagement. The techniques snipers use enable them to gather detailed, critical information about the enemy as a secondary role. The effectiveness of a sniper is not measured simply by the number of casualties or destroyed targets; sniper effectiveness also includes the effect the presence of snipers has on enemy activities, morale, and decisions. The presence of snipers hinders the enemy’s movement, creates confusion and personal fear, disrupts enemy operations and preparations, and compels the enemy to divert forces to deal with the snipers.

Indian Army Sniper

Indian army sniper is mainly to pick off Enemy Sniper or MG post or Enemy Santri at longer ranges they also provide fire support when needed from longer ranges, Also their targets are usually the leaders / Leading Officer JCO etc, Once the leader is dead there is always confusion in troops which slow their reaction time. In a Squad, the role of a Marksman, not Sniper is to provide fire at longer ranges.

Indian Army Sniper Pictures

Indian Army Sniper Best Pic Indian Army Sniper Fight Indian Army Sniper In Suit Indian Army Sniper Mumbai Attack Indian Army Sniper Pics Indian Army Sniper Indian Sniper Team Indian Soldier Sniper

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