8 Things Every Defence Aspirant Hates

Defence aspirants you are a rare blood. The moment you decided that you want to dedicate some best part of your life to prepare for SSB, a lot of things changed (for good). As a defence aspirant, there are a few things which you might dislike. So here I am trying to read your mind and put down some of them:

  1. When an Indian keeps sitting on hearing the national anthem: No matter how far you hear it from, you stand up automatically after hearing it. Definitely you find those people very annoying who do not stand up on hearing their national anthem.
  2. Seeing the tricolor on the roads: Every Indian hates that of course, and so do you. I am sure you feel like finding the person who did that and lecturing them left, right, center!
  3. People who speak bad about India: There are Indians who live here and still have no respect for the country. It is a different thing to have complain about the governance and other issues, but there are people who don’t respect the country at all. You hate them right?
  4. And those who speak ill about defence: You turn red with anger on hearing bad things about your beloved, the love of your life ‘fauj’. Obviously who gave them the right to say ill about defence. Fauj mein nahi hain abhi toh kya hua, dil toh fauji hai!
  5. When your relatives ask you about your SSB result: This is a situation every defence aspirant hates to the core. What we don’t understand is where do they disappear when something good happens to us!
  6. Even worse when they comment about your results: We tried, we failed, we want to try and try and never give up. Who gives them the right to comment about our attempts or how and what should we do in order to succeed. And the worst is telling us to give up and try a different career option!
  7. When somebody asks us “Recommend kyun nahi hue fir?”: Dude! Try going once, fail and try finding out the reason! As if it was not difficult enough for us to introspect our self and ponder day and night over this, that now we have to give you a reason as well. Leave me alone!
  8. Inadequate knowledge about SSB, still boasting: Trust me as a defence aspirant, we spend huge amount of time surfing and reading about SSB and defence. And it annoys us to no end when people come and say all sort of rumors and false information, and the worst part is when they are not ready to believe us!

If you have other thoughts in mind too, please leave it in the comment box. Let us discuss our dislikes to the heart’s content!defence aspirant

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