AFSB Interview Rapid Fire Questions

One of the important parts of your AFSB personal interview is rapid fire questions, these questions are very basic and personal in nature and these rapid fire questions are always asked in every AFSB or SSB interview. In this article we are going to talk more about rapid fire questions in AFSB interview, why IO ask us rapid fire questions and how to answer rapid fire questions.

As you know SSB and AFSB are almost same but you may find some differences here and there, we are telling you the procedure of attending AFSB personal interview.

  • Candidate will be given a date and time well in advance and he or she is required to report to the candidate waiting room at least 1 hour before.
  • Candidate must carry his or her documents which include mark sheets, sports certificate and any other achievement.
  • If you have mentioned in the PIQ form that you have played nationals then make sure you have a certificate for the same. “No Excuses”
  • Once you reach the candidate’s waiting room, you will see other candidates waiting for their turn, do not worry there will be  2-3 interviews going on simultaneously.
  • There you will find a display which indicates the chest number once you see your chest number in it, it’s your turn to go for the personal interview.
  • Before going inside the interview room, one assistant will take your certificate inside and IO will have a look at it for 5 -10 mins.
  • IO will prepare few question based on your certificate as well.
  • After few minutes you will be called inside.

AFSB Rapid Fire Questions

  1. Name of the place you come from?
  2. Institution where you had your education?
  3. Your 10th class marks?
  4. Favourite subjects in 10th class?
  5. Favorite teachers in 10th class, why?
  6. Teachers you didn’t like in 10th, why?
  7. Your 12th class marks?
  8. Favourite subjects in 12th class?
  9. Favorite teachers in 12th class, why?
  10. Teachers you didn’t like in 12th, why?
  11. Any competitive exam after 12th, what was the result?
  12. Your graduation %age?
  13. Why did you choose BTechh/BSc/etc?
  14. Participated in any extra-curricular activities in college?
  15. Any special achievement in life?
  16. Who all are there in your family?
  17. Occupation of each family memeber?
  18. How is your relation with your brother/sister?
  19. Whom do you like most mom or dad?
  20. How do you pass time?
  21. How do you spend your pocket money or income?
  22. Name few negative qualities in your friends?
  23. Who is your best friend?

Note that these are few questions which you might face, rapid fire questions might have 10-15 questions or may be less sometimes. Every IO has his own way of asking these questions but make sure you are preparing everything.

AFSB Interview Candidate
AFSB Interview Candidate Ready For The Personal Interview

How to answer AFSB rapid fire questions?

  1. Now you know what kind of questions you might face so prepare the answers beforehand.
  2. As you can see that these questions are asked in a chronological order which makes it easy to remember and answer in a correct sequence.
  3. The best way to remember all the rapid fire questions is to listen to the IO when he is asking you without thinking what you are going to answer. First listen to all the questions and print them in your mind in a sequential order.
  4. While answer rapid fire questions, do not be in a hurry, take gaps in between and think before you speak so that you do not miss any questions in between.
  5. It is very normal if you miss a question in between, once you are done you can ask the IO politely if you are missing anything.
  6. Do not worry if you missed to answer a question or answered in a wrong sequence. But try not to do so.

Reasons for asking Rapid Fire Questions

  • Putting the candidate in pressure so he won’t get time to fabricate stories and answer what is in real.
  • Observing the behaviour of the candidate under stress.
  • This also checks the preparation of a candidate because these questions are must have questions and if you fail to answer these questions which mean you have not prepared well enough and lack self-knowledge/observation.

Hope this will help all the candidates who are going to appear for AFSB interview soon. Post your rapid fire question which you have faced in the comment section below.

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