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9 Things That Make Us Admire Military Families In India

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How many times have you came across a military family, met them, shared a light moment and didn’t even realize they’re from a totally different state? Apart from being nomadic, military families are very adaptable. Here are a few things that will make you admire military families ever more.


  1. Being Passionate: While balancing careers, home life, kids and education, military families are always passionate about the things they do. Be it community service or learning a new art, they give their best at it until they achieve it.
  2. Knowing They’ll Have Inconveniences in Life: How many families do you think have celebrated this Diwali together? How many times have your father not been in the parents-teacher meet due to his duty? It’s very tough for soldiers as well as their families to hardly celebrate a good time together, let alone be festivals. But they still live with it owing to their national interests. That makes us respect them even more.Military Families
  3. Quickly Adaptable: Military families pack up, unpack and hit the ground running. They solo parent and be part of a couple again. It’s a continuous cycle but one thing that is really appreciable is where ever they are, they can adapt to the environment very quickly.
  4. Their Sacrifices Are Real: It is not only blood that you shed for your country is a sacrifice. But every person behind that blood, supporting it is themselves sacrificing a part of their life for a national cause. Many times, they have to hold down a family and a job while being away from their friends and family members.
  5. They’re Mentally Strong: I still remember a soldier being martyred in Jammu and all his proud father has to say was “I am proud to be his father”. This was the goosebumps moment for me. That’s strength.
  6. Every Soldier Is Not A Male: What do you picture when you think of military families? A big guy in a uniform with his wife and children? How about you imagine this: A great woman in a uniform with her husband and children or a couple, both in uniform? Amazed Much?
  7. They Stand Behind Their Soldier: My mother once told me that their marriage talks almost came to an end when they came to know that the groom is from the army. They thoughts were an army man’s life is not promising, he may die any day. But my mother was so influenced by the groom in Olive Green that she wanted to marry him. She stood behind that person in his every high and low, both during war and peace. That man is today my father.
  8. They Make Friends For Life: In this digital age of social media, the people with whom they’ve been for about 2-3 years become their lifelong friends. They probably make friends in every metropolis of the country which means you are never new to that city ever again.
  9. No Discrimination. Only Uniform Speaks: Military communities are far from perfect, but they’re not racists and certainly are not like so many other members of this country. After growing up in multiple states and countries, living side by side with people of all races, a military kid truly cannot comprehend racial prejudice.
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