Recommended For Indian Navy Through CDS Exam

Hello friends, I am Punit Pandey from Gujarat .I got recommended for Navy through CDSE (1) 2017  entry from 12 ssb Bangalore. I am sharing my story of recommendation as I have read many stories on SSBCrack and it helped a lot in preparation.

Joining Armed Forces was my dream but I was not aware of NDA exam and missed that opportunity. After that I took engineering and during this I regularly followed SSBCrack and came to know about other opportunities to join forces after graduation and procedure of ssb.

This was my 2nd ssb attempt, in 1st attempt I was conference out from 21 ssb Bhopal for TGC entry in February because I was not prepared and there was a lot of confusion and fear regarding selection process in my mind. I had given CDS exam in February and was confident of clearing the cut off. So I started working on the areas where I was lacking. This time I didn’t want to miss the chance and so for preparing systematically I had purchased Cdr. Natrajan sir video course for ssb. After watching videos most of my doubts were cleared and it guided me to prepare in right direction. The videos on GTO task are especially very good. Natrajan sir reviews and guidance helped me in improving my responses in Psychological test. Also I prepared for GK through different sources and worked on my communication skills.

On 12th July I reached Bangalore station in morning, there I meet with other candidates and soon we all were sharing our experience of past ssb. Then at 2:30, the bus from selection center came and we were taken to the centre. After documentation, we were allotted rooms and I took a good sleep.

Next day we had our screening test.
We reported at 6:30 am & test started nearly about 8:00 am. I wanted to give my best in the next 2 hours because if not performed it will cost me six months, more delay in joining academy again. Both verbal and nonverbal test consists of 50 questions each. I did the entire question with speed and also re-checked and corrected the answers which were wrong. Then, in PPDT the image was showing a car and crowd of people around it. I made a story of traffic officer who found that inside the car is a serious patient’s going to nearby hospital and so he quickly managed the crowd of business man who were protesting against GST and made way for car. Than we were divided in a group of 15 .I narrated my story confidently. I participated in discussion actively and most of the members of my group were good in communication and we almost agreed to the theme for story but GTO sir stopped and the test was over. I was happy with my performance in screening test and was confident of getting in for further testing. Soon result declared and 28 of us were screened in. Then we filled our PIQ form. Last time I did some blunder in filling the form but this time I filled it neatly.

Psychology Test

During Psychological test, I was very calm because time in all these tests is less. In TAT, I made simple stories that came to my mind but because of practice I was able to complete all stories before time. Also 3-4 pictures were same from my last ssb. So I thought my luck was good this time. In WAT, I completed all 60. In SRT, I was able to do only 37 because my handwriting became bad so decreased my writing speed to write the response which is readable. In Self-Description, I had prepared earlier by taking opinion of friends, family, and teacher’s. I was satisfied by my performance in psychology but I could have attempted more SRT.


In GTO, I was nervous regarding GD as my English communication skill is not very good. But I put my points with some statistics confidently and listened to others point’s .Our group was nice so GD & GPE was completed in decent way. In PGT, I gave ideas whenever we stuck, helped others in implementing these ideas and other time make sure that group members are following rules. Group members were good because of which we completed all 4 obstacles in very less time. Then in GOR, I helped group members in climbing walls and during all obstacles made sure that snake was carried by 3 people and followed all rules. Finally don’t know which team won the race but our GTO sir told us we won the race.

 After that in HGT, we were 3 members.  The obstacle was simple. In individual obstacles I did 8 obstacles. During Lecturette, I spoke on “Role of Women’s in Modern India” with some facts. After this I had my interview.

Next day started with command task. GTO sir called me and after a 5 min talk regarding education, family, motivation to join Navy, he took me to various obstacles while talking and finally gave me a obstacle and was a bit difficult with a single structure in center. After looking at the structure carefully I got the idea and crossed it. Than FGT was simple and with this all testing was over.


My Interview was on 3rd day of ssb and I was the last candidates to be interviewed that day. I had my interview with deputy president of the board. I was nervous before Interview as in my last ssb my interviewing officer grilled me for 90 mins and he pressurized me a lot on every question. Finally my chest no. flashed in waiting room and I entered the room with a big smile. My interview lasted for 1 hour and there was only one rapid fire regarding academics. After this there was some questions regarding rifle shooting which I had played. Sir asked me My score in various matches which I have won , opponent score, which category I play, favorite player, recent national champion, how I get money as it’s a costly game. Then some questions on extracurricular activities.

After this sir asked me lot of GK questions for 20 min and I really enjoyed it as I was able to answer most of them. After 4-5 GK questions, I felt like playing KBC with Amitabh Bachan sir. There were questions related to Gujarat, History, Economic, National Issues , relation with Nepal and other neighbors, Doklam issue, China , string of pearls, CPEC, Afghanistan, Middle East countries and conflict with brief history, ports developed by China in other countries, etc. Sir tried to put pressure on me by counter questions by other ways but I kept clam and answered questions. After my interview, I was confident that this time I will make it.


The conference day started with a closing address by one of the testing officers. Thereafter, we were asked to wait for our chest number to flash on the screen and then go into the conference hall. As soon as my chest number flashed, I went in with a smile. I was asked to rate my performance and the qualities which I would like to improve after going through the 5 days ssb. After this conference result was announced and 5 of us got recommended. We were congratulated by the board president. Then we came back and our friends were waiting for us to hug and say good bye. We met with everyone and they all left. There were many other candidates who deserved the recommendation and I know they will make it in next attempt.

At last I would like to thank Natrajan sir without whom it would not be possible for me to clear ssb in such a short period.

Thank you very much.

 Jai Hind!




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