List of Important Synonyms and Antonyms For AFCAT

Candidates who are going to face the Online AFCAT exam can read the list of important synonyms and antonyms for their exams. In AFCAT, you will face 08 synonyms and antonyms under English verbal ability section of AFCAT. You have a good chance of scoring 8 x 3 = 24 marks in this section with proper preparation. Below you can find a pdf list of important synonyms and antonyms for AFCAT. 


Tips for Synonyms and Antonyms 

  • Try to put the word in a sentence or a phrase and guess its meaning
  • When you have a word try to guess all its synonyms and from the answers see the exact word which has the same meaning, in the case of antonym the opposite meaning
  • Read all the options, most of us think of the time and come up with the answer which has a close match to the word. But there is an actual word with the same meaning hidden there.
  • First, know the part of the speech the word is used in… For example, the word run can be used as a verb but it could also be used as a noun like ‘home run’ so make sure you know the part of speech before answering.
  • Some words are eye catchy, you immediately think it’s going to be the antonym/synonym, but most of the guesses are not gonna be right so going through the options once again unless you’re sure of the answer.

Synonyms and Antonyms For AFCAT

Abandon (n.) careless disregard for consequences
Synonym: wanton
Antonym: uphold

Accede (v.) Comply, Grant, Allow, to give consent, approval, or adherence; agree;
Synonym: Consent 
Antonym: Reject

Bohemian (n.) to be a non-conformist.
Synonym: unconventional 
Antonym: usual

Braggadocio (n.) somebody who boasts in a swaggering self-aggrandizing way,
Synonym: Braggart
Antonym: Meekness

Digress (v.) to move away from the central topic or line of argument in speaking or writing, usually temporarily
Synonym: Deviate
Antonym: continue

Elude (v.): to avoid; escape.
Synonym: flee, circumvent.
Antonym: entice.

Fallible (adj.) liable to make mistakes, liable to be wrong or misleading
Synonym: Unsound
Antonym: Perfect

Grumpy (adj.) bad-tempered or sullen,
Synonym: Cantankerous Bad-tempered
Antonym: Cheerful Cheerful

Pervasive (adj.) spreading widely or present throughout something
Synonym: Insidious 
Antonym: Contained

Quake (v.) to shake or tremble from cold, weakness, fear, anger, or the like
Synonym: fluctuate
Antonym: be still

Relinquish (v.) give up something with reluctance; yield.
Synonym: Abandon
Antonym: Assume

Sublime (adj.) of elevated nature.
Synonym: exalted
Antonym: mean, average.

Virtuoso (n.) somebody who shows exceptional technique or ability in something; somebody who is knowledgeable and cultivated in appreciating the fine arts
Synonym: Exceptionally skilled

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