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9 Things You Need To Know About New 3 Day SSB Interview Procedure

Note: The following details are not official yet and coming from the candidates going through the testing of new 3 day SSB interview procedure at few SSB centres. The official details will be in public domain once the new SSB interview procedure is finalized. The below details are just for your reference and should not be considered as official notification. Soon the 5 day SSB interview selection procedure will reduce to 3 Day SSB interview selection procedure with some major and minor changes in the existing selection system. The new 3-day ssb interview procedure is also known as de nova selection system. It is a known fact now that a new system of officer selection is being rolled out from 2019 to bring the selection process in tune with the changing job requirement of a modern military officer. This is done while allowing assessors to better assess the newer generation of aspirants.

The new selection system will be implemented from 2019. It is being called as “De Novo Selection Process” which means, ‘A Fresh/New Approach of Selection Process’.

Here are 9 things you need to know about the De Novo Selection System:

  1. Screening is done online (similar to GRE etc.), or at a center near your home. It is suggested to be done once a quarter, with an individual getting three chances.
  2. This will cut down the time by half to 3 days from current 5 days.3 day ssb interview
  3. The test will be held in two stages – Stage 1 and Stage 2 as similar to the current process.
  4. It is known but not yet confirmed that the Stage 1 testing will be a screening test which will be held near a candidate’s home at a specified test centre, just like the regular CETs. After the completion of stage 1 and selection, the candidates will be called for stage 2 at any of the existing selection centres. The clear picture on Stage-1 testing will come out soon.
  5. Stage 2 selection will have three testing techniques, namely Interview, Psych and GTO. However, the procedure is a little different.de nova ssb interview
  6. In Psychological Tests, TAT is replaced by Situation Apperception Test (SAT) with 9 pics instead of 12. WAT and SRT have a whole new makeover. There is no SDT for the new selection procedure.3 day ssb Psychological Tests
  7. In the GTO series, there are 2 rounds of GD, followed by a GPE, being called as Combined Situation Planning (CSP). It is followed by Outdoor Task Execution 1 (OTE 1) which resembles PGT and OTE 2 which resembles HGT. It is then followed by a mix of IO and GOR which is called Combined Obstacle Course (COC). Finally, the test culminates with a Leadership Situation (LS) that resembles Command Task. There is no Lecturette and FPGT in De Novo process.3 day ssb interview gto
  8. The interview is held on either day 1 or day 2 after the completion of the test of the day. The interview is similar to the current process with just minor changes.
  9. The final day of the De Novo process is a final board conference where the findings of IO, GTO and Psych will be discovered and based on that candidate will be recommended or not.
  10.  As per sources, there will be a 1.5 Km run for the aspirants, it won’t be a competition but one needs to finish the run at a given time. The marks will be given according to the time taken, 4-5 mins are considered as good, 6-7 mins as average and more than 8 mins a worst or zero. Stil,l the picture is not clear on the same.
  11. The DIPR and other bodies working on this new selection system have come up with the new sets of OLQs, so the 15 OLQs we are following in the present system might not match with the new selection system.
    de nova ssb interview 2018  


The De Novo Selection System is undergoing trials at Bangalore SSB and is likely to be implemented at all SSBs by 2019. By reducing the period of SSB testing to three days, the new system will also help in making up for shortages by allowing a greater number of candidates to be tested.

  • Candidates must focus on the current SSB interview and standards and should not think about the new SSB interview procedure until it is officially implemented. 
  • According to sources, the implementation of the new 3 day SSB interview may take longer time in implementation.
  • Few things may or may not change after the final implementation.
  • Aspirants are suggested to focus on the current SSB procedure and the De Nova has a lot of time to come into existence yet. 

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