Boy Commits Suicide After Unable To Join Indian Army

A youth from Agra district in Uttar Pradesh had committed suicide and streamed it live on social networking website Facebook after learning that he is not eligible for recruitment in Army. While 2,750 social networking site users saw the incident live, apparently no on raised an alarm or alerted his family members.

According to ANI, the youth who was identified as Munna, decided to take the extreme step of ending his life after he came to know that he had passed maximum age requirement for recruitment in the Indian Army.   

Munna also live streamed his suicide on Facebook, which was witnessed by a large number of people on the popular social networking website but no one informed the police. 

His body has now been sent for post-mortem.

A case of suicide has been registered and the police have begun its investigation into the matter. 

Several incidents of people committing suicide and live streaming it on social networking websites have been reported in the recent past. In most of these cases, the victims were reported to be suffering from depression.

This is really a sad incident, no defence aspirant should do such foolish things, there is more to life and no profession is permanent. Learn to live.

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