Cleared NDA SSB Interview In 4th Attempt

Hello friends I am Sunny Kumar Singh. I am from U.P, Varanasi. I got recommended from 19 SSB Allahabad in my 4th attempt for NDA-141. I am one of the simplest persons you will ever meet in your life A person who has been a mediocre throughout his life. A person who is just average. My journey started in army public school Bathinda when I cleared my NDA in my first short for NDA-138 when I was 12th appearing.
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Got conferenced out from 14 SSB Allahabad. I was totally shattered. I still remember the words of my chemistry teacher who said I will never make it (which was true at that time. I wasn’t worth it) and it was just the starting to a never-ending journey called LIFE! I boast about the fact that I am person who is self-made and self-taught. After my first SSB I introspected myself and improved and just kept repeating it. I decided to join Chandigarh university and started pursuing CSE and even volunteered for NCC. Then I got a call for TES-38 and then got screened out from Kapurthala. At this point, I actually started doubting my skills and even though I am more suitable for some other career. A phase of life that people would never like to live. I was living an aimless life. I thought this is the worst phase of my life but my fate had a lot more…. I got a call for TES-39 at Bhopal… I was in a dilemma that whether I should even give it a short or not, finally went for it and it held nothing more than a disappointment … I got conferenced out again. I that time released if you are going for an SSB either you go prepared or you don’t go. 

I started my preparation for next NDA written focused my approach on tips and tricks for mathematics because to clear NDA you need speed and accuracy. I used to study from YouTube and at the same time was able to manage a balanced college life had a decent score in my semesters. I made it … and from here there was no going back… things started to work out… I changed my schedule completely started living a more disciplined and punctual life I again started my preparation from scratch. My ANO (Associate NCC officer) started guiding me. I use to spend hours practicing my TAT and WAT skills. I use to imagine my interview and use to prepare my answers (My interview went exactly the same… the way I imagined). I use to prepare for my GTO from YouTube… use to watch videos and draw structures on pen and paper… and imagined myself doing those… I still consider my biggest strength is to have an optimistic approach in life… throughout the process, I never gave up … had faith on myself that I will make it for sure… and then on 7 sept 2018 I got Recommended from 19 SSB Allahabad. I knew this was my last shot and I have to make sure that it’s the best one… The only difference between my past 3 attempts and this one was preparation. I was more prepared this time.

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Patience is the key everybody in this world has a different clock and a different time … wait for your time and when it’s your time there is no stopping you. I never wanted to write this post… but was asked by a close friend to do so… So, thank you Dherian. And thank you to all of you for considering this worth reading.


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