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Indian Air ForceWhat's All The Hype About Rafale? It's Deadly Specifications Will Show You

What’s All The Hype About Rafale? It’s Deadly Specifications Will Show You

Following over a year of controversy and political slugfests, the first of the 36 uber-sophisticated Dassault Aviation designed, Rafale fighter jets have been inducted into the Indian Air Force’s deadly arsenal. The country’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has personally received the much-awaited French fighter aircraft, during his visit to France. Speaking about the Induction of the Rafale Fighter jet, the Defence Minister said, “This is a new milestone in bilateral ties.” The first batch consisting of four Rafale fighter jets will make its way to India by May 2020, significantly bolstering the IAF’s offensive capabilities. But what is the hype about the French-built aircraft? How will it enhance India’s aerial superiority? To understand that, we must look at the tale of the tape.

Rajnath Singh rafale 2 1
Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in France checking out the Rafale

The Tale Of The Tape

The Rafale fighter jet in all its glory!

1.) Delta Wings Enhance The Rafale’s Stability

The Rafale is both an aeronautical and technological masterpiece! It’s ultra-modern combat features give a new definition to the phrase ‘death from above.’ The Dassault Rafale Multi-Role fighter comes designed with delta wings; this uniquely aerodynamic feature keeps the french fighter aircraft uniquely stable while cruising at supersonic speeds!

2.) Unique Engine Design

The Rafale’s unique engine design aids the throttle, seamlessly transitioning from combat to idle to combat power in a span of fewer than three seconds!

3.) Can Covertly Detect Targets

The Rafale fighter jet is immune to Radar jamming furthermore the Dassault Aviation designed aircraft has the capability to clandestinely detect multiple targets at sea, air and land.

4.) Real-Time 3D Mapping of The Topography

The Rafale Fighter jet possesses state of the art early detection and tracking capabilities, as aforementioned. This allows the pilot to monitor multiple targets and generate real-time three-dimensional maps of the terrain the aircraft is soaring over.

5.) Speed and Altitude

The Dassault Rafale has a top speed of 1.8 mach, meaning the fighter jet can cover an average distance of 2,222.6 kilometres per hour. The deadly aircraft can climb up to altitudes of 50,000 feet with relative ease. The Rafale can fly for approximately 3,700 kilometres before having to refuel. The aerial longevity of the aircraft can be increased through mid-air refuelling.

6.) Unparalleled Payload Capacity

The Rafale is absolutely beyond any comparison when it comes to its munitions/ordnance and overall payload capacity. The fighter jet has the capability of carrying over 9,500 kilograms of explosives and other munitions. That is significantly more than any of the IAF’s other aircraft, with the Sukhoi 30 MKI coming at a distant second with a capacity of 8,000 kilograms.

Indian Air Force 2020

Golden Arrows pti 1568150889
The IAF’s once renowned and recently defunct Golden Arrows squadron has been revived to fly the Rafale

The strategic edge, which the Induction of the Rafales will give India cannot be stressed enough and with the scheduled induction of the first batch next year, India’s Air Warriors will have a busy time rigorously training the new aircraft system. It is safe to say that by 2020, the country will have a new squadron of highly trained pilots on this beast of a machine and will further cement India’s image as a military power!

Aritra Banerjee
Aritra Banerjeehttps://www.ssbcrack.com/
Defence Correspondent at SSBCrack.

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