Will UPSC Postpone NDA 1 2020 Exam? [Updated]

UPSC UPDATE – UPSC has finally published the revised date of NDA 1 2020 written exam which was postponed due to the COVID-19 situation in the country. The UPSC today revised the dates for all the exams and published a new exam calendar. As per the latest UPSC calendar, the NDA 1 2020 exam will be conducted on 06 Sep 2020 along with the NDA 2 2020 exam. Meaning, both NDA 1 2020 and NDA 2 2020 will be conducted on 06th Sep 2020. A common examination for both NDA& NA Exam (I) and NDA&NA Exam (II), 2020 will be held on 06.09.2020.

UPDATE: After the strict 21 days lockdown in India from 25th March 2020, there is a high possibility of NDA 1 2020 exam to be postponed. Many NDA aspirants who are going to write the NDA 1 2020 exam on 19 April 2020 are worried about the exam because of the coronavirus and not sure if the exam will be conducted as per the scheduled date or it will be postponed. As all the school, colleges including CSBE board exams are postponed till further notice, SSB interviews by Indian Army, Navy and Airforce are also postponed till further notice. Regarding NDA 1 2020 there is no official announcement has been made, as the exam in April 2020, by the end of March 2020 we will have the clear picture and based on the situation only the UPSC will decide regarding the NDA 1 2020 exam and other exams scheduled in April 2020. For now, there is no official confirmation on the same and all the exams will be conducted as per the scheduled dates. We suggest students not to think too much about it and focus on their NDA 1 2020 preparation, you can enroll for the NDA 1 2020 Exam on SSBCrackExams to boost your NDA score.

NDA 2020 Syllabus

  • MATHEMATICS (Maximum Marks-300)
  • GENERAL ABILITY TEST (Maximum Marks—600)
    • ENGLISH (Maximum Marks—200)
    • GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (Maximum Marks—400)

How to prepare for NDA 2020 Exam

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