No Error In AFCAT Exam Result Says IAF

On 20th Oct 2020 AFCAT result was published and many candidates are not satisfied with the AFCAT result as they were expecting more marks, the candidates also demand the transparency in the AFCAT result and asking for their answer sheets. Thousands of candidates reached SSBCrack and we published an article on AFCAT RTI viewed by 20,000 candidates till now and a Poll on AFCAT result satisfaction with more than 1000+comments were made and many candidates filed an RTI to get their AFCAT answer copies.

After a few articles, post and tweets from candidates and SSBCrack, today IAF has officially replied on AFCAT 2 2020 online result discrepancy and transparency.

According to IAF: “Concerns have been expressed by some candidates about results of AFCAT 02/2020. The integrity and correctness of the process has been rechecked and no discrepancy has been found. The entire process of AFCAT result generation is automated without human intervention.”

As AFCAT is an online exam, we still demand transparency in the whole process by providing the answer sheet of the candidate after the AFCAT result is declared. This gives more confidence to the candidate in the whole selection process. Providing an answer sheet is not a big task in fact the whole point on conducting an online exam is providing more transparency by providing the answer sheet after the result.

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