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10 Traits Youth Must Inherit From Soldiers

A soldier is always loyal to his nation, he never betrays the nation for any sort of luxury or offer. And that’s the reason army men are so respected. Loyalty brings respect to a man in society.

A soldier is a courageous and disciplined being who upholds numerous values and responsibilities with the utmost responsibility to save the interest and integrity of the nation. 

The Indian Army has 1.4 million soldiers, making it the second-largest military force in the world after China. The soldiers of the Indian army uphold the highest level of pride and courage in the whole world. Indian soldiers are also assigned to the UN peacekeeping forces because of the unique valour, discipline and loyalty shown by our soldiers. 

The soldiers of the Indian army protect the national integrity and safety of the borders. The soldiers pay a sacrifice of the moments they could have spent with their families, friends and loved ones in the country by staying in harsh weather conditions, terrain and ice. The soldiers are a true inspiration for every common man who is tangled in the rat race, worldly problems, living in 6 storey buildings with bad mental health and bad habits.

Many qualities can be inherited from a soldier. Here we will discuss such 10 qualities of a soldier that we can inherit. These qualities will not just ease our lives but will also bring the best out of ourselves. 

  1. Courage 

Courage is not the absence of fear, instead, it is the ability to face fear without being feared. A soldier throughout his life stays courageous. He faces numerous deadly situations, extreme weather conditions and non-friendly situations, still, he faces all of them without fearing the consequence.

 Likewise, a common man also faces a lot of hurdles in life, some extreme situations but instead of fearing them and being a coward, we must evolve to solve them. Instead of fearing the consequences, we must take up the war and fight with all our courage, just like a true soldier. 

“Fight your war with full courage, without fearing the consequences of war! ”

  1. Discipline

Discipline is the most important characteristic of any soldier. A soldier is called a soldier because he is disciplined in his approach towards any situation or life. 

Discipline plays a huge role in framing a man’s life. 

Discipline is just a pattern of habits or actions done in a strict time frame consistently. Habits are what makeup to discipline and hence, having good habits is also necessary.

A soldier’s life stays disciplined starting from his training days to his working days. Just like that soldier,  we should also be disciplined in our lives. We must focus on the right thing to get the desired result. 

For a common man, a good and productive lifestyle is a key to success. And discipline and hard work are responsible for the formation of a good and productive lifestyle of a common man. So, we must inherit the characteristics of discipline from a Soldier. 

“Discipline is what makes a soldier out of a man.”

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  1. Respect for others

A humble mind creates ideas and kindness. And ideas and kindness are the tools through which we can bring change into society. When people of society respect each other’s decisions, have kindness for each other, then society gets more advanced and prosperous. 

Soldiers never disrespect each other. They respect other soldiers’ opinions and work in coordination. They learn to work in a team in the coordination and for coordination, respecting each other’s opinions is more important than having similar opinions. 

We, as society members, should respect each other, integrate our opinions, and respect each other’s boundaries. So, that we all can flourish in a society.

“Respect, the easiest tool to create a sense of kindness in society “

  1. Integrity

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Principles and honesty are two things that make up a man’s character. They are the deciding factors of the other characteristics in a man. 

A soldier upholds high principles and morals, which they never lower down for anyone. They are the most honest beings, who fight for the motherland till their last breath. They are also honest in their approach. Likewise, a common man should also uphold a set of principles and morals on which he should frame his life. 

Principles are the values that make life meaningful and prideful. Having principles and morals are just not enough, one should have honesty. Honesty is a very wide concept that includes honesty with oneself and with other people as well. We should have honesty in our approach and ideas. 

“ The idea of integrity is to create a mind out of honesty and morals.”

  1. Loyalty 

A soldier is the most loyal person who is loyal to his motherland, the people of his country and himself as well. Loyalty gives power and motivation to usher one’s duty in life. As a common man, it is very important to have loyalty towards the institution that we work, towards the people and ourselves. Loyalty to a good action, institution, purpose or person can take a person to great heights.

A soldier is always loyal to his nation, he never betrays the nation for any sort of luxury or offer. And that’s the reason army men are so respected. Loyalty brings respect to a man in society.

“Loyalty to your dreams can make your dreams loyal to you.

  1. Selfless commitment 

A soldier always has this emotion of selfless commitment. Self-less commitment is simply putting everyone before self. In the case of soldiers, it is always the nation. A commitment is a promise that needs to be fulfilled at any given time. A soldier protects the nation at risk of being harmed himself. It’s a selfless commitment.  

We should also work for the benefit of the unprivileged people of society. It will give us satisfaction, and satisfaction is the key to all happiness. Happiness creates kindness, and kindness builds a prosperous society and nation. 

A little change in our attitude, just by inheriting the value of selfless commitment from soldiers in us, can bring a huge positive change in society.

“ Selfless commitment is a commitment to oneself to keep everyone before oneself selflessly.”

  1. Lawfulness 

Law binds the people. It creates boundaries and defines extensive boundaries. A soldier always follows the law because laws are made for everyone’s welfare. Being lawful is important for a soldier. Following the orders of the senior officials, working under a strict protocol is important for the coordination among teammates. That is why lawfulness is very important. Laws define the work are of a person. It describes the limitation and also prevents the person from doing any crime. So, we all should be lawful.

“Laws are tools to bind humans to a certain extent to liberate society as a whole.”

  1. Professionalism 

Professionalism is action with discipline and rules. Professionalism is an important essence of army life. It creates a sense of confidence, maturity and value in the work. Professional behaviour is respected everywhere. Just like army personnel who are professional in their approach towards their duty, we must be professional in our fields. 

Being professional will help us in adding value to our work, actions and personality. 

“ Professionalism creates integrity and discipline to work.”

  1. Strong Focus 

Focus is necessary to execute any work to get the desired result. Focus helps in critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Soldiers have great focusing capability, which helps them to target the enemy way too easily. 

Distractions are meant to ruin the results, which can only be eliminated by a strong focus of mind. We should also proffer our capabilities into our work with a strong focus to achieve our goals.

Focus is not an easy trait to develop, but once we develop it, we manage to retain solutions to many problems very easily. 

“Focus, a trait that develops other traits”

  1.  Patience 

Patience is a weapon used by warriors to wage a war against unfavourable situations and time. Army personnel have a high degree of patients where they wait and observe the enemy’s move, wait and think about their next move and finally wait for the consequences of their move in the war further. Patience gives time to think and make the right decisions. Not all results come immediately, sometimes one has to wait for the desired results. That is why we should have patience in life, and it is one of the strongest characteristics we can inherit from an army man.

“ Patience is the processing time taken by the results after the right actions.”


As we saw in the above paragraphs, many qualities can be inherited from soldiers. Some of these qualities are discipline, strong focus, integrity, loyalty, selfless commitment, courage etc. a soldier is trained to have these qualities in him. These qualities help a soldier to perform his duty rightfully and speedily. We can inherit all these qualities to make our lives easier and achieve our goals. All the aspirants who want to join the Indian Defence Services must develop these qualities so that they can become their best selves and serve the nation.

Mausami Sharma
Mausami Sharma
Intern at SSBCrackExams. An avid reader, UPSC aspirant and a curious defence aircraft researcher. Pursuing my Interest in global politics and diplomatic studies.

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