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What Is SSB Services Selection Board

SSB is also known as the services selection board conducts a 5 days long interview to select potential candidates who can become officers in Army, Navy and Air Force.

It has been the privilege of the ‘Noblesse Oblige’ to lead the men in the war. It was the duty of the ‘Kshatriyas’ to fight the wars. The setbacks and failures experienced during the First World War led to the concept of “Right people for the Right job”. The selection of men based on psychology, which had no role to play earlier, was introduced.

It was during the year 1917 that the U.S Army started making use of number of psychological tests for the selection of its recruits for various branches of its Army. Later, during 1927, it was the turn of the Germans to set up an exclusive department of Corps of Military Psychologists to assist in the process of selection of the men for the Army. Later, United Kingdom set up its first War Office Selection Board for the selection of the men for the military in 1942.

When the Far East became the major area of operations, there was a great expansion in the Armed Forces of India too. And it was during this time in February 1943, when War Office Selection Board (WOSB) came into being at Dehradun on an experimental basis for the purpose of selection of Officers with the help of psychological techniques. In 1948, the Government of India appointed the ‘Ghosh Committee’ to review the system of selection of Officers to the Armed Forces. On the basis of recommendations of the Committee of experts, the Psychological Research Wing (PRW) was set up on 29th August, 1949 under the Defence Science Organization.

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The main role envisaged for the PRW was to conduct research in personnel Selection Methods; to develop tools for selection of personnel at Services Selection Boards (SSB’s); to maintain selection results and relevant statistics, to train the assessors for effective functioning at the SSB’s. In 1962, PRW’s scope was expanded and was re-designated as Defence Psychological Research (DPR) with the establishment of Applied Psychological Laboratory (APL) on September 24, 1962, as its lower formation. Naval Psychological Research Institute (NPRU) at Kochi, which has been established in the year 1956 under Defence Science Laboratory (DSL), was made part of APL in 1962. Later in 1963, an ideology group was constituted in DPR to study problems related to Morale, Motivation, and Operational Efficiency of the Armed Forces. APL and NPRU were merged into DPR on August 26, 1967, however, the NPRU continued to function at Kochi. Subsequently, the DPR was constituted as an independent unit and designated as Defence Institute of Psychological Research in October 1982.

Applications for NDA including 10+2, Navy, IMA, OTA, and AFA are called by UPSC twice a year. The exams are accordingly held in April and September each year. Applications of successful aspirants are sent for onward distributions to Selection Boards. For all other entries like 10+2 (Tech) Army and Navy, Ground Duties (Air Force), Graduate Technical Entry for Army, Navy, and Air Force, the applications are called directly by the respective Service Headquarters. Short-listed applications are sent to the Selection Boards for personality assessment.

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Under the current system, there are combined Services Selection Boards for screening Army and Navy entries. These boards have been grouped under different Selection Centres and are controlled by the Directorate of Recruiting under Adjutant Generals Branch. The Air Force Boards as separate entities are functionally administered by the Directorate of Personnel, Air Headquarters. The technical guidance to all the Boards and the training of the personnel employed on Selection duties is provided by the DIPR.

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  1. Sir,
    I have received a mail to attend SSCW tech-10 on 2nd of august but i have not received my letter yet. in the mail received they did not mention my name and roll number also. i found my roll no and name in the list later. since i have not received any letter also my name and roll no is not specified what can i do i tried calling to call up officer many times they failed to receive my call please help me

  2. sir i dont hv print out of ma online application…cud u plz suggst me wat shoul i du..i got ma call letter 4 SSB INTERVIEW : SSCW (TECH)-10TH COURSE…

    • Hi

      If you do not receive call letter in time then you can take the printout of online list with your name and roll number mentioned on it. Do not worry, it is a normal problem.

      All the best for your SSB, do well.

  3. sir i have not received my call letter for ssb on 27th may..i got a mail and a meesage on my cell from them about the ssb..what should i do now..?

  4. MY QUERY IS :-

    Iam sorry to mention that out of the documents asked, I donot have the online print of my application . I had successfully saved it but due to some problem in operating system (OS) I had to format my Personal Computer as it was not operating perfectly. There was no other option left for me.

    So now Iam worried how to attend SSB interview without the ONLINE APPLICATION PRINT .




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