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How Many SSB Interview Attempts Does One Get?

There isn't any stipulated limitation to the number of attempts for the SSB interview.

SSB Interview Attempts: Service Selection Board (SSB) interview is a coveted opportunity for many aspirants aiming for a career in the Indian defense sector. However, a common query among candidates revolves around the number of times one can attempt the SSB interview. Let’s delve deep into this topic and understand the intricacies of the SSB interview attempts.

No Limit on SSB Interview Attempts

There isn’t any stipulated limitation to the number of attempts for the SSB interview. Aspirants can apply for and attend the SSB interview until they are age-eligible for a specific course. This applies irrespective of the outcomes of any prior written exams or SSB interviews.

SSB Interview Attempts Based on Training Academies and Educational Qualification

SSB attempts after 10+2 as minimum qualification

National Defence Academy (NDA-Army, Airforce, and Navy)

Male candidates can apply for the NDA exam during and post their class 12th. Typically, one can undertake the NDA written exam thrice. However, in certain scenarios based on age criteria, they may get a fourth chance. If a candidate manages to clear the NDA written exam all three times, he can appear for three SSB interviews exclusively for NDA.

OTA Gaya (Indian Army 10+2 Tech Entry)

While NDA facilitates a non-tech entry, male candidates post their 12th can opt for the Technical Entry Scheme (TES) of the Indian Army. To be shortlisted for the TES SSB interview, candidates must have an impressive percentage in PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Math). Typically, the TES cutoff hovers around 82-85% in PCM. Eligible candidates mostly get three SSB interview opportunities.


Indian Naval Academy (Indian Navy 10+2 B.Tech Entry)

The technical entry for 10+2 cadets in the Indian Navy bears a resemblance to the Indian Army’s 10+2 TES entry. A solid percentage in PCM during 12th is crucial for being shortlisted for the SSB interview. Again, candidates can have around three SSB interview attempts.

To summarize, a candidate with PCM subjects in their 10+2 can get approximately nine SSB interview opportunities. However, those without PCM will be limited only to NDA.

SSB attempts after Graduation as minimum qualification

From the pre-final year of graduation, candidates can start applying for the Indian Army. Specific entries are open for male candidates in their pre-final year, while both male and female candidates can apply in their final year.

Indian Army-University Entry Scheme

Exclusive to engineering graduates, B.Tech and B.E. male students can apply once in their pre-final year for the UES entry, granting them a single SSB interview opportunity. This entry is stopped in the past few years.

Indian Navy -University Entry Scheme

Resembling the Army’s UES entry, male engineering students can apply once in their pre-final year. This entry is stopped in the past few years.

Army Technical Entries

Under this category, there are two main entries: Technical Graduates Course (TGC) and Short Service Commission (Technical). Both these entries do not require a preliminary written exam. They are available twice a year. While TGC is limited to male candidates, SSC-Tech is open to both genders. An eligible male engineering graduate can, therefore, have up to 16 SSB interviews in four years, and female candidates can have up to 8.

Combined Defence Services Examination Entries (CDSE)

Conducted by UPSC biannually, the CDS exam offers multiple opportunities. Males can join IMA, AFA, NA, and OTA, whereas females can opt for OTA. Depending on age criteria and the chosen academy, candidates can have between 4-6 SSB interviews through this entry.

Air Force Common Admission Test Entry (AFCAT)

This written test by the Indian Air Force is for flying, technical, and Ground Duty branches. Depending on age and educational qualifications, candidates can have between 6-8 SSB interviews.

Indian Navy Direct Entries

The Indian Navy rolls out various direct entries in fields like executive, technical, and pilot. Eligibility is based on graduation percentage. Both male and female candidates with good percentages can apply for the Indian Navy up to 5-6 times.

While numerous entries are based on varying educational qualifications and age criteria, a ballpark figure suggests that a regular graduate can have around 15-20 SSB interviews, encompassing both direct and written test entries. However, it’s crucial to have the right educational background, a commendable percentage, and fit the age criteria to maximize these opportunities.

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.
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