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Out of 57 Women cadets at NDA, 19 are from Haryana

Haryana emerged as a strong contributor, proudly sending 19 women cadets at NDA. Following closely, Uttar Pradesh displayed remarkable progress with 12 women cadets.

The National Defence Academy (NDA) has long been renowned for its prestigious military training and grooming future leaders of the armed forces.

Traditionally, the NDA was an all-male institution, but a significant and transformative change occurred in 2022 with the commencement of female candidate recruitment. This marked a historic milestone for the NDA as 57 women cadets were inducted into the academy.

The year 2022 witnessed a historic moment in the history of the National Defence Academy, as it opened its doors to aspiring women candidates.

The decision to recruit female cadets shattered traditional gender barriers, making way for a more inclusive and diverse institution. This step is not only a reflection of societal progress but also highlights the growing recognition of women’s capabilities and contributions in the defense sector.

Women Vacancies at NDA

NDA-148July 20221919
NDA- 149January 20231919
NDA-150July 20231919

The induction of 57 women cadets into the NDA brings to the forefront the talent and potential that exists across various States and Union Territories in India. The State/UT-wise recruitment data demonstrates the nationwide enthusiasm among women to serve their country through the armed forces.

Haryana emerged as a strong contributor, proudly sending 19 female candidates to the NDA. Following closely, Uttar Pradesh displayed remarkable progress with 12 women cadets joining the ranks. States like Delhi, Kerala, Punjab, and Rajasthan also showcased their commitment to gender equality by contributing a substantial number of women candidates.

Number of Women Cadets at NDA (State/UT)

S NoState/UTNo. of Candidates
viiHimachal Pradesh2
viiiJammu and Kashmir2
xKerala4 (1 resigned)
xiMadhya Pradesh1
xvUttar Pradesh12

NDA Encouraging Gender Diversity:

The induction of female candidates not only fosters gender equality but also promotes a more diverse and inclusive learning environment within the NDA. By bringing in different perspectives and experiences, these women cadets contribute to the holistic development of the academy and its trainees.

Furthermore, gender diversity in the NDA nurtures a culture of mutual respect, breaking down stereotypes, and challenging preconceived notions about women’s roles in the armed forces. It sends a powerful message that the NDA values talent, competence, and dedication, regardless of gender.

While the recruitment of female cadets in the NDA represents a significant leap forward, there are challenges to be addressed. Ensuring a safe and supportive environment for women candidates, developing gender-sensitive training modules, and promoting equal opportunities for growth and leadership are areas that demand attention.

The induction of women in the NDA also opens up new opportunities for research and innovation in adapting training methodologies to cater to the needs of a diverse cadet population. By embracing gender-inclusive practices, the NDA can further strengthen its position as a center of excellence in military training.

The recruitment of 57 women cadets in the National Defence Academy marks a transformative moment in the history of the institution. It is a testament to the evolving mindset of the nation and its commitment to gender equality and empowerment. These women cadets, hailing from different corners of the country, bring with them a spirit of dedication and patriotism.

As they embark on their journey at the NDA, they carry the aspirations of millions of young girls who dream of breaking barriers and serving their nation. The NDA’s decision to embrace gender diversity not only strengthens the armed forces but also sets a powerful example for the entire nation.

The induction of women in the NDA is not just a step forward; it is a leap towards a more inclusive and progressive India – an India that acknowledges and cherishes the invaluable contributions of women in all spheres of life, including the defense sector. It is a giant stride towards a stronger, more united, and equal India.

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.
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