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Indian Navy To Deploy Women Agniveers on Warships

The deployment of women Agniveers on frontline warships in the Indian Navy is a remarkable step towards achieving gender parity and fostering diversity within the armed forces.

The Indian Navy has taken a significant stride in promoting gender equality and diversity within its ranks. With the induction of over 1,000 women Agniveers, the Navy is set to deploy them on frontline warships, marking a historic moment for women in the armed forces.

This move not only showcases the Navy’s commitment to inclusivity but also highlights the immense potential and capabilities of women in serving their country. In this article, we will delve into the details of this groundbreaking development, exploring the training, roles, and opportunities available to women Agniveers in the Indian Navy.

The Rise of Women Agniveers in the Indian Navy

The process of inducting women Agniveers into the Indian Navy began with the launch of the Agnipath scheme in 2022. This scheme opened doors for both men and women to join the armed forces for a period of four years. Since then, the Navy has witnessed a steady increase in the number of women joining its ranks. As of now, there are more than 1,000 women Agniveers in the force, with the first two batches comprising over 700 women.

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Training and Specialization

Women Agniveers undergo rigorous training to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. Their journey starts at the prestigious INS Chilka, where they undergo ab initio training. This training institute serves as the foundation for their naval career, instilling discipline, physical fitness, and a strong sense of camaraderie.

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Upon completion of their basic training, women Agniveers proceed to professional training establishments where they specialize in various fields. These establishments provide comprehensive training in areas such as gunnery, anti-submarine warfare, communications, operations, electrical, engineering, systems controls, and logistics. Each specialization plays a crucial role in the functioning and operational readiness of the warships.

Deployment on Warships

One of the significant milestones for women Agniveers is the opportunity to be deployed on frontline warships. While the first batch of 273 women Agniveers is currently completing their shore-based attachment, they are expected to join their respective postings on ships by the end of February or the beginning of March. This deployment will mark a historic moment in the Indian Navy, showcasing the Navy’s commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Women Agniveers serving on warships play vital roles across various departments. From gunnery to anti-submarine warfare, communications to operations, and electrical to engineering branches, their contributions are integral to the seamless functioning of the vessels. Additionally, they are entrusted with sentry duties, including basic handling of small arms and firefighting. It is noteworthy to mention that women Agniveers are currently not deployed on submarines.

Pioneer in Command: Lt Commander Prerna Deosthalee

The Indian Navy is set to witness another groundbreaking moment as Lt Commander Prerna Deosthalee is slated to become the first woman commanding officer of a warship. She will take command of the fast-attack craft INS Trinkat on the western seaboard after completing her “pre-commissioning training.” This milestone appointment not only breaks barriers but also paves the way for future generations of women to aspire to leadership positions within the Navy.


Vice Admiral Gurcharan Singh, the Navy’s controller personnel services, commends Lt Commander Prerna Deosthalee’s upcoming command, stating that she will “set course in uncharted waters for women, but will lead the way for many more to follow.” This achievement reflects the Navy’s commitment to the “all roles-all ranks” effort, which aims to provide equal opportunities for women in the service.

Women Officers in the Indian Navy

In addition to women Agniveers, the Indian Navy has also made significant strides in the inclusion of women officers. Presently, there are around 680 women officers serving in various branches of the Navy, including major warships such as aircraft carriers, destroyers, and frigates. These officers bring their expertise and skills to enhance operational readiness and contribute to the overall effectiveness of the Navy.

The Navy’s commitment to gender equality extends beyond surface ships. Several women officers are also serving in the Navy’s aviation wing, further expanding the opportunities available to women within the armed forces. It is worth mentioning that the first batch of women cadets has joined the 10+2 BTech course at the IN Academy in Ezhimala, showcasing the Navy’s efforts to groom future leaders from a young age.

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The deployment of women Agniveers on frontline warships in the Indian Navy is a remarkable step towards achieving gender parity and fostering diversity within the armed forces. With over 1,000 women Agniveers serving their country, the Navy is breaking barriers and setting an example for other branches of the armed forces. This move not only provides women with equal opportunities but also harnesses their skills and capabilities to strengthen the Navy’s operational readiness.

As the first woman commanding officer of a warship prepares to take charge, her appointment signifies the Navy’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment. Lt Commander Prerna Deosthalee’s leadership will inspire future generations of women to aspire to commanding roles within the Navy. With each passing milestone, the Indian Navy reaffirms its position as a progressive and forward-thinking force, embracing the power and potential of its women Agniveers.

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