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Squadron Leader Rashmi Thakur to Lead Air Force Contingent in R-Day

This year's Republic Day parade not only celebrates the nation's military strength but also marks a significant step towards gender equality and self-reliance in defense technology.

In a significant moment for the Indian Air Force (IAF), Squadron Leader Rashmi Thakur will lead the IAF’s marching contingent at the prestigious Republic Day parade on Kartavya Path.

IAF Contingent

This year’s parade is set to witness a remarkable representation of women in the armed forces, with fifteen women pilots operating various platforms during the aerial flypast.

Squadron Leader Thakur, who is a fighter controller by profession, will be accompanied by Squadron Leader Sumita Yadav, Squadron Leader Pratiti Ahluwalia, and Flight Lieutenant Kirti Rohil as supernumerary officers. Their leadership in the marching contingent highlights the increasing role of women in the Indian Air Force.

IAF Republic Day 2024

Adding to the celebration of diversity and strength, a tri-services contingent of Agniveervayu (Women) will also participate in the parade. This contingent, comprising 48 Agniveervayu women, is a testament to the evolving dynamics and inclusivity in the Indian military services.

image 23

The aerial display, a central attraction of the Republic Day celebrations, will demonstrate India’s military might with an impressive lineup of 29 fighter aircraft, 8 transport aircraft, 13 helicopters, and one heritage aircraft. These aircraft will soar above Kartavya Path, symbolizing the nation’s aerial strength and capabilities.


A notable addition to this year’s flypast is the recently inducted C-295 transport aircraft, which will be participating in the Republic Day parade for the first time. This participation marks a significant milestone in the modernization of the IAF’s transport fleet.

image 24

In a tribute to historical military achievements, the IAF will recreate the ‘Tangail airdrop’ of the 1971 victory over Pakistan. This reenactment will feature one Dakota aircraft and two Dorniers flying in a ‘Tangail formation’, reminiscent of the strategic operation that contributed to India’s victory.

Furthermore, the indigenously developed Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas will make its debut at the Republic Day parade. Four LCAs will fly in a ‘Tejas formation’, showcasing India’s advancements in developing its own combat aircraft.

Completing the aerial spectacle, six Rafale fighter jets will display their prowess, flying in a ‘Vajraang formation’. This formation is expected to be a highlight of the parade, demonstrating the advanced capabilities of the Indian Air Force.

This year’s Republic Day parade not only celebrates the nation’s military strength but also marks a significant step towards gender equality and self-reliance in defense technology.

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