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PM Modi Dived in Arabian Sea with Indian Navy MARCOS

PM Modi's dive with the MARCOS and Indian Navy divers served as a tribute to their bravery and dedication, further solidifying the bond between the nation's armed forces and its leadership.

In a remarkable display of faith and tradition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on an extraordinary underwater journey to the ancient city of Dwarka’s believed location in the Arabian Sea.

This unique event took place on February 25, 2024, during his two-day visit to Gujarat, highlighting a blend of spiritual devotion and adventurous spirit.

Accompanied by skilled Indian Navy divers, including members from the elite Marine Commandos (MARCOS) unit, PM Modi dived deep beneath the sea surface.

This dive was not just an adventurous feat but a spiritual journey, as the Prime Minister aimed to offer prayers and pay homage to the mythological city of Dwarka, a site of immense historical and cultural significance, associated with Lord Krishna.

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Interestingly, PM Modi chose a traditional attire for the dive, donning a diving helmet, which symbolized his intent to blend tradition with the modern act of scuba diving. During his underwater meditation, he was seated cross-legged on the seabed, surrounded by the tranquility of the underwater world, making the act a profound experience of faith and introspection.

Adding to the spiritual homage, the Prime Minister offered peacock feathers, a gesture symbolizing respect and tribute to Lord Krishna, who is traditionally associated with peacocks. This act of devotion was not only a personal moment for PM Modi but also a symbolic link to India’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage.

PM Modi’s dive with the MARCOS and Indian Navy divers served as a tribute to their bravery and dedication, further solidifying the bond between the nation’s armed forces and its leadership.

Upon his return to the surface, PM Modi’s actions were met with applause and admiration, to which he humbly responded, emphasizing that the dive was an act of faith rather than courage. This sentiment was echoed in his social media posts, where he shared his divine experience and sought blessings for all from Lord Krishna.

This unprecedented dive by a sitting Prime Minister into the Arabian Sea to pray at the underwater site of an ancient city marks a significant moment, blending India’s spiritual past with its present and showcasing the nation’s unique cultural identity on a global stage.

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