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Indian ArmyMeet Brigadier Bhupesh Singh Hada, From 10 PARA SF to NSG

Meet Brigadier Bhupesh Singh Hada, From 10 PARA SF to NSG

Brigadier Bhupesh Singh Hada, a distinguished military leader from Rajasthan, India, has had a notable career spanning over three decades in the Indian Army.

Brigadier Bhupesh Singh Hada, SC, VSM, has led a life marked by service and valor. Born in 1970 in Boondi, Rajasthan, he grew up in a family dedicated to education and social work. His father, Maharaja Vijayraj Singh, was an esteemed educationist and social worker.

Brig Bhupesh’s marriage to Mrs. Padmaja Rathore of Jasol, Barmer, Rajasthan, brought him not only a partner but a son, Raghav Hada, continuing the family’s legacy.

Brig Bhupesh Family 6

Educational and Military Foundation

Brigadier Bhupesh Singh’s academic journey began at Sainik School in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Post-schooling, he advanced through rigorous training at the National Defence Academy (NDA), Pune, and the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun.

The Valiant Life of Brigadier Bhupesh Singh Hada

In 1991, he was commissioned into the Madras Regiment. His dedication soon led him to volunteer for the Special Forces, where he joined the elite 10 Battalion of the Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) 10 PARA SF, also known as ‘Scorpions’.

Brig Bhupesh 2

A Distinguished Military Career

Over his 33-year career, Brig Bhupesh has been on the front lines of major operations like ‘Orchid’, ‘Rhino’, and ‘Kargil-Vijay’. His commitment extended globally when he served as a ‘Senior Sector Military Observer’ in the UN Mission in Ethiopia – Eritrea in 2003-04.

brig hada para sf

His role in these missions has been recognized through numerous awards, including the Shaurya Chakra for anti-terrorist operations in Kashmir and the Vishist Seva Medal for his commendable work in the Siachen Glacier.

para sf ops

Honors and Recognition

Brigadier Bhupesh Singh’s gallantry has not gone unnoticed. He has been decorated with several prestigious awards for his service in challenging conditions and high-stakes missions.

10 SF 1

These include the Army Chief’s Commendation Badge, awarded for his role in anti-terrorist operations and adventure activities, and the UN Force Commander’s Appreciation Card for his peacekeeping efforts in Africa.

Brig Bhupesh Siachen 2
Brig Bhupesh Siachen

Leadership Beyond the Battlefield

Brigadier Bhupesh Singh’s leadership transcended combat roles as he commanded the Siachen Brigade in ‘Operation Meghdoot’ and later the National Security Guards, known as ‘Black Cats’.

Brig Bhupesh NSG

He also contributed to training the next generation of soldiers as Deputy Commandant & Chief Instructor at the High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS).

brig hada

Adventures at the Apex

In 2012, Brig Bhupesh led a daring mountaineering expedition to Mount Everest and Mount Lhotse, participating in the Everest Marathon. His adventurous spirit showcases his commitment to lead by example, pushing physical and mental boundaries.

brig hada mount everest

Royal Recognition

On December 12, 2021, Brigadier Bhupesh was ceremonially installed as the Titular King of Boondi, a role steeped in tradition and history. Although royal titles were formally abolished in 1971, he holds a place of respect as the head of the Kshatriya community in the region, underlining his significant social and ceremonial influence.

brig hada royal

Through a life of military distinction and royal heritage, Brigadier Bhupesh Singh Hada exemplifies leadership, bravery, and commitment to his country and community. His story is not just one of military might, but of a multifaceted legacy that continues to inspire.

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