IMA 133 Merit List

The highly awaited merit list of IMA-133th is going to be published soon in ,all the successful aspirants  will join the prestigious IMA-Dehradun for 133th course commencing on July 2012. 

IMA 133th 

Total number of candidates passed CDSE for IMA 133th Course  : 4924

Number of candidates allotted with Allahabad  :2497
Number of candidates allotted with Bhopal  :679
Number of candidates allotted with Bangalore :949
Number of candidates passed SSB Interview : 356

Note: Approx  figures 

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  • when will the list of tgc 115 come

  • urgent plz,,if my rank is 235 then is it sure i am going to IMA?? there is a litlle confusion becoz it says 32 seats reserved for ncc’c’ candidates..

    • As you can see there are total 250 vacancies for IMA and only 259 candidates have cleared SSB Interview for IMA-133th. 10%-15% of them mostly have some medical problems so there are just 9 additional candidates are there. If any 9 out of 259 are medically unfit for IMA-133th then all 250 will be in . So your probability to be in is 99.9%.

      Good luck and all the best .

    • well ,,thnks fr your reply, i am going for sure 🙂

  • my rank in merit list is 94…
    but i haven’t received the joining letter as of yet.
    my frnd has got it 4 days back.
    i dont know how to get the status of my letter.
    any ideas?

    • That depends on the postal service of your area also, any ways you can contact Army for more queries but you will get the JI soon .

      All the best.

  • i have received my JI….does army HQ display any further final merit list to confirm the admission into IMA????

    and sir, i have my provisional certificate only,pass certificate will need time, so mean time will provisional certificate be able to do the needful?????

    • Congrats , you can submit pending docs after joining the academy. All the best.

    • sir, what about the final merit list..????any further final list to come out?????

    • Merit list is not released by Indian Army yet, but do not worry getting JI is a ticket to IMA.

      all the best.

  • sir plz guide for territorial of brother wants to join army at any cost.but he didnt get any study material plzz refer some books so that he can perform well.

    • TA SSB procedure is also same as normal SSB, he can join a good coaching academy.

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  • is this list related to OTA??
    I mean the candidate who is in the merit list of IMA but finds no vacancies may get a call from OTA….?

  • is this list related to OTA??
    I mean the candidate who is in the merit list of IMA but finds no vacancies may get a call from OTA….?

  • sir how many candidates are getting merit out in ima per cource

  • good evening sir this is gagan bhonde i m a civil engg. wants to be part of indian army i m also attend the TGC116 but still i m confused how i can creak it any guidence regarding to u . i am national lavel fotball player also . is help to me or not ,……. but how i creak SSB …. kaise prapair karu…………………………

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  • sir, kindly tell me which subject we have to prepare for tgc entries … as i am a b. tech( ee)…

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • How much marks does one need in “CDS” so as to stand in the merit list for all academies ? pLz reply….!

  • Sir i have cleared my ssb and medicals a few days back and everything just went perfect.But still i am worried about the final merit list.what happens in that?

    • No case of merit out in IMA through CDSE entry. All the best 🙂

    • Sir are you sure??..because i am too worried about this..

    • You are joining IMA, its 101% sure. Take care.

  • Thank u so much admin!!..

  • sir i was merit out in nda and now i have been recommended for ima 135,but still the dark memories threatens me and above reply gives a huge comfort but still my doubt is that if around 300 candidates get recommended then will they give a call to everyone..please reply sir.and what about joining dates..

  • hello sir kindly reply ..and if possible provide some information about submission of documents before 13th may..

  • Nishant Awasthi

    When will the merit list of IMA-135 be declared??

    • swapnil jadhav

      hey, congrats bro…….i’m too got recommended in ima-135…….do u know how many are recc. in our entry

      • Nishant Awasthi

        people say there are no chances of merit out in cds entry..and according to what ive heard a total of 160-170 candidates have got recommended in total…any idea of the merit list??

  • swapnil jadhav

    sir , igot reccomended and medically fit……what is the probabllity of merit out in ima-135 cdse entry???