Airforce Merit list for July 2012 Course

Indian Air Force is going to release the merit list of candidates passed in the SSB interview and medical examination  for the course commencing from July 2012 at Air force Academy , Hyderabad  conducted under AFCAT 2/2011 entry. Merit list for flying course through CDSE is already released by UPSC. Lets have a look at some statistical data regarding the previous merit list of Jan 2012 course and upcoming July 2012 course.

IAF- July 2012 Course :

No of candidates passed AFCAT written exam: 18,494 (Excluding CDSE)

IAF-Jan 2012 Course : 

No of candidates passed AFCAT written exam: 8,041 (Excluding CDSE)
Merit list Jan 2012 Course : 
  1. Air Warrior AFCAT Flying [1fit] 
  2. CDSE Flying [12fit +1unfit ]
  3. AFCAT Flying[18fit+1 Unfit +5 Reserve List] 
  4. AFCAT GDOC (all branches )[ 312fit + 2 Unfit]
  5. AFCAT Technical (all branches) [ 138fit+2 Unfit]

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  • respected sir….

    i am trying to copy info from your site but its not working… i want copy some infos and need printouts but i think bcoz of some securities its not working….

    • There is a print option below each post, use that.

    • Sir,
      I was recommended from varanasi (4AFSB) for july 2012 batch, also cleared the medical, but unfortunately my name was not listed on the merit list. So is there anything that i have to do now or ll have to apply for the next time again.

    • Bad luck, there may come the reserve list but chances are less, you have to apply again for SSB.

    • Sir,
      In the 2nd reserve merit list i have been remarked as low in merit. but today i got my police verification call from my police station…. saying that there is 9 vaccancies and they are filling up with us!!!! i was placed 51 out of 89 in the reserve merit list!!! i am totally confused please help me out sir!!! is it true??? can they call up now or its the previous verification call???

    • Course started long back, but we can not say anything, yes what you said is might be true. I suggest you to confirm it from IAF only.

    • Thanks Vini

    • Can u plz let us know as to how many seats are available in Air force academy in every course. And the details pertaining to merit list and reserve merit list for july 2012 course.

    • Number of seats are not fixed and may change based on the requirement for a particular course. Reserve list is based on the number of empty seats after the reporting of a regular batch.

  • Dear sir, I have applyed for this exam which is going to held on 26th of this month. I have received mail from them to generate your admit card but they dint send me the user name & password to generate my admit card. Plz reply to me, what should i do now ?

    • You have to use same email id and pass from which you have registered.

  • may i knw how many vaccancy z der for afcat??? n wat z the written result cut-off approx??plzz rply

    • Vacancies are not fixed, but you can check the last merit list to get some idea.

  • sir i have cleared my ssb for flying branch through afcat as well as medical……………is it sure dat my name will be dere in merit list or not…….

    • I wish you will come in merit, you can compare the last merit list to have some idea. All the best Devender 🙂

    • ROD

      No it is not sure. There are so many candidates from past two courses of air force who got merit out. Yes, if you are getting merit out then you will receive call from navy depending upon your qualification.

  • those who are having their names in the listt….are theyy alll 100% recoommended????aur it also contains the name of students who are in waiting list??

    • ROD

      ”recommended” is the term used when SSB board selects a candidate. Those who make it within the vacancy in merit list are known as ”selected”. Merit list contain name of both the candidates that is merit in and merit out to maintain transparency. in air force they will clearly mention the name of merit out candidates and merit in candidates to end up confusion people.

  • in afcat july 2012 course AE(L) there are 48 names in the merit list…so i just want to ask..dat all 48 are merit inn???

  • I have been recommended from Dehradoon for july 2013 course. My medical is in january. Can u plz tell me what all medical examination i shud check before my medical at air force. Also i want to know that how many seats are there in mechanical branch through ues in air force..

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • wen does the merit usually come out?

  • i have been recommended form 4afsb varanasi nd i also cleared the medical for flying as well as for tech i got 147 marks in the written paper so how many chances r der to clear the merit list . and is there any thning that all how have cleared the medical r selected for flying if not wt is the ratio ??
    thank u