AFCAT 2013 Cut Off Marks

afcat 2013 cut off marks

AFCAT 01/2013 written exam was conducted by India Air-Force on 24 Feb 2013, AFCAT 2013 changed few things this time and answers for AFCAT 2013 and AFCAT 2013 cut off will discussed here. The standard of AFCAT written test has improved considerably since last few exams. Cut off marks for AFCAT 2012 was 143 out of 300, lets see what will be the cut off AFCAT 2013.

Again India Air force has raised the standard of AFCAT with the following:

  1. Introducing OMR sheet in AFCAT: Most of you are surprised to see the OMR sheet this time, OMR sheet will certainly helps in keeping the evaluation clean and fair. Cancellation and discrepancy in AFCAT 2 2012 result is one more reason to introduce OMR sheet in AFCAT this time. 
  2. Difficulty Level of AFCAT 2013 written: Most of you if not all find the difficulty level increasing with AFCAT, if you compare the first AFCAT 2011 and AFCAT 2013, you will find the change in the pattern of questions and their difficulty level. AFCAT 2013 wasn’t easy this time and you might  have faced some questions of new pattern, verbal and non verbal sections wasn’t easy, paper was lengthy specially with the Maths. Military turpitude was easy this time. Overall, it was good for one who has prepared for it. 
  3. No change of answers: Unlike last time, this time you can’t change the answers once marked. This is because of use of OMR sheet which doesn’t allow you to do so. This could be a disadvantage for candidates but little alertness can avoid this issue. 
If we consider the difficulty level of questions this time, in 01/2013 AFCAT , cut off marks might fall near 140- 155, or 55-60 correct questions might be a safer side for you, guessing answers and negative marking scheme can do the damage but hope you have avoided the more of guessing in questions and kept the negative marking in mind.

But rest depends on the IAF, how much intake they want from this AFCAT 2013, you can check the cut off marks of AFCAT 2012 to get an idea.

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