AFCAT 2013 Cut Off Marks

afcat 2013 cut off marks

AFCAT 01/2013 written exam was conducted by India Air-Force on 24 Feb 2013, AFCAT 2013 changed few things this time and answers for AFCAT 2013 and AFCAT 2013 cut off will discussed here. The standard of AFCAT written test has improved considerably since last few exams. Cut off marks for AFCAT 2012 was 143 out of 300, lets see what will be the cut off AFCAT 2013.

Again India Air force has raised the standard of AFCAT with the following:

  1. Introducing OMR sheet in AFCAT: Most of you are surprised to see the OMR sheet this time, OMR sheet will certainly helps in keeping the evaluation clean and fair. Cancellation and discrepancy in AFCAT 2 2012 result is one more reason to introduce OMR sheet in AFCAT this time. 
  2. Difficulty Level of AFCAT 2013 written: Most of you if not all find the difficulty level increasing with AFCAT, if you compare the first AFCAT 2011 and AFCAT 2013, you will find the change in the pattern of questions and their difficulty level. AFCAT 2013 wasn’t easy this time and you might  have faced some questions of new pattern, verbal and non verbal sections wasn’t easy, paper was lengthy specially with the Maths. Military turpitude was easy this time. Overall, it was good for one who has prepared for it. 
  3. No change of answers: Unlike last time, this time you can’t change the answers once marked. This is because of use of OMR sheet which doesn’t allow you to do so. This could be a disadvantage for candidates but little alertness can avoid this issue. 
If we consider the difficulty level of questions this time, in 01/2013 AFCAT , cut off marks might fall near 140- 155, or 55-60 correct questions might be a safer side for you, guessing answers and negative marking scheme can do the damage but hope you have avoided the more of guessing in questions and kept the negative marking in mind.

But rest depends on the IAF, how much intake they want from this AFCAT 2013, you can check the cut off marks of AFCAT 2012 to get an idea.

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  • cut off will be around 150-160.

  • agree!!

  • yes the question paper was so easy as this was the first time for me

    • it wasn’t easy as the last year.cut off will be about 125-145.because last year paper afcat 2/2012 was very easy and then also the cut off was 143.

    • Yeah!! You are absolutely right!! AFCAT 2 2012 was very easy than this paper..

  • anyone from the team of ssbcrack please tell the expected cutoff of afcat-2013………people are saying that it was tougher than the last time….so how much can the cutoff vary?

    • yes cut off will be around 125-140.

    • r u sure ….. i hv attempted 70 + questions out of which hardly 4 or 5 may wrong……. so what r my chances????

    • If it is so…,,You will definitely get the SSB call letter…Dont you worry about that…

  • 1 more thing….is it sectional or total? ….experienced guys please reply

    • its overall…no sectional cut-offs…..may be this time the cut-offs will be around 135..

    • totally agree….as compared to last year paper…it was a bit tougher this time….so the last year cutt off of 143 will fall to 135 this year

    • yes cut off will fall around 125-130 but not more than that by analyzing last year paper afcat 2/2013 which was so easy even then cut off was 143 only not even 50%of 300.

  • sectional cut of…..n ths time quesn paper covrd each section nicely….it was easy but not thn previous……150 cut f z expectd…

  • thanks for the reply friends……and VIKAS SHARMA..bro if it wasn’t easier than the previous one….how can the cutoff reach 150….if it was just 143 the previous time?

  • halo everyone ! friends are you also confuse for the SET number (A,B,C,D) as it was nowhere mentioned on the question paper. was it there or the question paper was same for everyone. the only information available regarding question set was roman number VII . please reply if you are sure for this.

    • hi,
      Even i had this doubt, so i asked 2 of the invigilators in my exam hall and both asked me not 2 fill anythin and leave it blank as it is not mentioned anywhere and they’ll take care bout it… a specific announcement was also made regarding the same at my center.. so don’t worry…

    • i also raised d same doubt…the inviglatr tld me to fill the nearest one… i did dat…. c option was the nearest in my set…only dat diagonal line was dere.. leaving that it was the correct answer..

    • my comment was fr dat wrong question given in Reasoning section…

    • even I also saw few wrong questions………I didn’t attempt..

    • You are right bro…. information given only by set 7.

  • Same set was there for every candidate & the cutoff will be less than 143 this year

  • Dis time d paper was little bit tougher den last time……cut off wud b around 135-140…bt still it depends on iaf. It may vary any side

  • Can anyone tell me abou the total vacancy this tym.

  • May lie between 135-140

  • hello everybody
    plz tell me expected date of AFCAT result and when will its SSB be started?

  • after one month the result is declared and after 20 days of the declaration of result SSB starts

  • Atteempted 80…. at the most 10 may be wrong…. I hope I’ll be through. 🙂

  • cut off will be 150

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • is there separate vacancies and cutoff marks for women? please help me

    • no its nothing lyk dat..dere is common cutoff for boys and gals


    • Most probably in the 1st week of April

  • sir kindly help. I gave my afcat
    exam on feb 24 th, very first
    attempt and I am more than sure to
    be shortlisted. having said that,
    there are two problems I am facing
    currently. 1st, I did my engineering
    from IP university, which provides
    you btech degree even ifv you leave
    two baclogs. they administer this on
    the basis of total credits earned. one
    should have 200 credits minimum to
    acquire the degree,’i have 206
    credits therefore out of 214, after
    leaving two subjects. hence, I have
    been provided with a degree in my
    hand stating the mentioned criteria
    for it. am I eligible? kindly enlighten
    me here.
    2nd, one of my second sem
    marksheet had flaws in marks
    provided against each subject. last
    year hence I made a written
    application and returned that
    marksheet for correction. and now I
    have been told that they lost my
    marksheet i their bundle of files(this
    is completely true) I was shocked to
    hear that, and they have told to
    apply for duplicate marksheet which
    will obviously take some time.
    hence I do not have second sem
    marksheet right now, whicvh would
    be required in afsb. I do have a
    consolidated marksheet having all
    the subjects mentioned in it . all in
    one paper. will it work as a
    substitute. thankou . kindly help.

  • Cut Off will be around 130-145. it is assumed based on last year’s paper & cut off. so hope it must be same as i posted.

  • is there any separate cutoff prefinal year and final year?

  • i have attempted 68 question,i thnk 10 are wrong………

  • Sir, when will be AFCAT result will be declared…..

  • Hey i got 144 cut off marks but still my number is not mentioned in shortlisted candidate i know why??

  • Prathap Nimmala

    Anybody Tel Me Wat Is the Qualification 4 Dis Post??????

  • Agastya Nagumalli

    I acquired 148 marks and got qualified over 144 cut-off for AFCAT-1/2015. What are my chances of making it in Merit for Pilot Cadre if i’m reccommended in SSB and Medicals. I didn’t make it in the Merit in my previous attempt. Isliye.