Indian Coast Guard Final Selection Board Procedure

The Indian Coast Guard Final Selection Board [FSB] procedure is similar to that of SSB in Army/Navy/Air force with a few differences. FSB is also conducted in three parts i.e. Psychological testing, GTO testing, Interview. The whole process lasts for 5 to 6 days depending upon strength of the batch. You are also given one day free. FSB provides free accommodation at the centre but food is not free for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus beddings, pillow all this in unison costs 144 per day.

You can also stay and eat out if you want. Selection centre is situated in noida, at gautam budh nagar. PSBs are conducted at 4 different centers but FSB is conducted only at noida centre. On arrival you are given PIQ form to fill.

Psychology Test at FSB

It is conducted on the first day of arrival. In psych there is a battery of 4 tests named TAT, WAT, SRT and SD. All are similar to the psychology tests of SSB. Difference is some time they reduce WAT to 50 words.
Indian Coast Guard Final Selection Board Procedure

GTO Test at FSB

It can be on first day or in next 4 days depending on schedule. This test also consist battery of 3 tests, named GD, GPE, lecturette. Unlike SSB there are indoor tasks only the outdoor tasks are under construction and in upcoming years outdoors will be roped in too. I am going to mention only special things about these tests which are different from SSB. All three tests are conducted on the same day.
Group Discussion
Group consists of 8 to 10 students.2 group discussions are there. In first you have choice and in 2nd you don’t have any choice.20 minutes for each.

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Group Planning Exercise

In group planning exercise the model which depicts the area concerned is replaced here with a image on screen and laser light is used instead of stick to show a place in picture. Rests of the things are same.
Lecturette: – conducted in same manner as in SSB.

Interview at FSB

It can last for 15 to 60 minutes all depends upon candidate. In interview candidates are also asked about branch in which they have applied as general duties, technical, pilot etc and technical candidates are asked questions from their engineering stream. And rests of questions are on PIQ form and personal life of candidate.

Conference at FSB

Last day is conference day, when all assessors give their opinion on each and every candidate and take a final decision whether to recommend him or not. Arrangement and process are similar with that of SSB.

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