www.nausena-bharti.nic.in Official Website of Indian Navy

www.nausena-bharti.nic.in Official Website of Indian Navy

The best way to know about the life job and career opportunities of Indian Navy is to visit its official Career Website i.e. www.nausena-bharti.nic.in . It is the easiest, most trustworthy, reliable, updated and best way to know about the Indian Navy. This website is quite user friendly, giving the visitor an opportunity to easily sail through different aspects and view a large amount of information easily on a mouse click. The home screen is filled with links to all the info on this site, there is a noticeboard publishing latest developments under officer and sailor entry.

Here is a glance at what all is provided under this website:

  1. Sneak Peak of Navy: You can find the details of life inside navy, the sports and game you can play, various benefits offered etc. on this website. You will get a glimpse of thrilling life at sea. This website ensures to clear all the doubts inside your mind and make you aware of the real facts and real things regarding job in the navy. Thus you will be cleared of all the myths and you will have a sure knowledge of what all Indian Navy has got to offer you.
  2. Careers at Navy: You will get a detail of career you can opt at Navy. Thus you can check your eligibility according to you age, gender and education. This website publishes details about the sailor entry also apart from the officer entry. A full-fledged detail is given about the minimum percentage required to apply, the time of likely receipt of the entries and details about the branches you can join. What all work a branch does is given also. Hence it is an easy way to find your career inside the Indian Navy using this website. Medical eligibility details are given to remove the doubts.
  3. Online Application and Notification: Indian Navy publishes its notifications for new jobs on this website. Candidates are asked to fill in the form online and then follow the remaining instructions. Admit cards are put on the website itself to be downloaded and candidates can print and their application forms from here only. All the new information is given on the notice board on the home page.
  4. SSB Brochure: A brochure containing the detail about the conduct of SSB and the tests conducted there are also available. This brochure is a very good and reliable source of getting to know the SSB. It covers all the tests done there, the time of reporting, documents to be brought etc. This brochure covers the entire do’s and don’ts in the psych tests, sample pictures etc of the tests.
  5. About the Navy: You can find the answer of your question ‘Why do we need a Navy’ over here.
  6. Pictures and Videos: Inspiring pictures of the naval officers are given along with inspiring videos, which are the most prized possession of an India Navy Fan.
Thus this website offers you a complete solution of all your queries regarding the Navy.
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