5 Days Procedure of AFSB Interview

AFSB is the same thing as SSB is, i.e. service selection board interview. Here in AFSB AF stands for Air Force. There are four centers in our country where this AFSB interview takes place. Mostly the AFCAT entries and NDA and CDSE entries (who have given their preference as flying) go there for interview. These centers are in Dehradun (1 AFSB), Mysore (2 AFSB), Gandhinagar (3 AFSB) and Varanasi (4 AFSB). Let us see in detail what happen in AFSB. The whole procedure is being looked upon from AFCAT interview point of view, the timings might differ in case of NDA and CDSE interviews, however the tests remain the same.

5 Days Procedure of AFSB Interview

  • Day 1: This is the screening day in AFSB and you are generally asked to report early morning by 6:45-7 am at the railway station. You are taken in a bus from there to the selection center and then the testing begins. First you are asked to fill in some forms, then you are taken for OIR tests. After which PPDT is conducted. Based on the strength, generally the results are announced by 3 pm and the selected candidates are allotted rooms, the remaining are sent to the railway station. The document check follows for the selected candidates immediately and after that you are free for the day.
  • Day 2: On the second day the candidates who have applied for Flying branch are taken for PABT tests, which continues generally till 12 pm. After this the psychological tests follow. They are approximately of 2 hours duration and once they are over you are free for the day.
  • Day 3,4 and 5: Your interview and GTO tests might fall on any of these days. Generally you get one free day in AFSB. Some of you might have your GTO/Interview on the last day also. Some may have GTO/Interview on the same day but of course the timings wonโ€™t clash for the two. You might be required to go directly from GTO to the interview. You are required to carry the folder of all your certificated, academics and extra-curricular to the interviewer. The interview is generally a 30 minutes-60 minutes procedure. Youโ€™ll be informed well in advance through a notice placed on the notice board about the schedule of your tests.
    5 Days Procedure of AFSB Interview
  • Day 6: This is the conference day. Some may have their interview/GTO scheduled before the conference also. The conference is a place where you get to see all the board members in the uniform. You result is discussed there. You are called in the conference hall and the process is of hardly a minute, it may stretch for border liners. After the conference your results are announced, its lunchtime by now. Those who make through are asked to stay back for the remaining formalities and others are taken back to the railways station.
  • Medical: In AFSB the medical may not immediately take place after selection. You will be given a date for the medical.
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  • Harmandeep Kaur

    hey tashi gud stuff discussed nd please may I have your email id? …….. I need to clear some doubts regarding AFSB (10 nov 2014)

    • Prabhjot Singh

      Hey! i need some help.
      can you tell me if my AFSB is on 3rd november, on which date i will be sent back considering that i clear the first day?? actually i have another exam on 9th..so i am really confused over this..
      Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Harmandeep Kaur

        till conference day there will be 6 days considering 3 nov also rest of the details you can check on your call up letter it is mentioned in it.
        You were planning for dec na? now how you got nov 3rd? Are you going dehradun sure or somewhere else?

        • Prabhjot Singh

          ohk thnq so much ๐Ÿ™‚
          yea yr..actually i wasnt left with much options as i tried to select my date of AFSB, 3 days back..
          i wanted to go to dehradun as its the nearest of all the centres so i had to select 3rd nov ๐Ÿ™
          yea dehradun for sure..and you?

          • Guest

            yes dehradun only

          • Harmandeep Kaur

            yes dehradun only …… all the best (y)

          • Prabhjot Singh

            thnks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ n ATB to you too (Y)

            and you know what, i have an exam on 2nd. i will be free by
            3pm and then i will take a bus to dehradun..nd then after 6 days, i will be
            free by 8th nov and i have another exam on 9th ๐Ÿ˜ฎ sch a hectic

          • Harmandeep Kaur

            hello, Have you made it?
            How was ur experience?

          • Prabhjot Singh

            i have everything positive to say about my experience about AFSB (except the last day result :p)
            naah yr..cudnt make it ๐Ÿ™ conference out ๐Ÿ™ everything went gud but still cudnt make it thru..
            experience was just too gud..it ws my first ssb n i loved it…i am much more dedicted now about becoming a part of air force..the respect, the personality they have is just exactly what i need in my life ๐Ÿ™‚
            anyways hw ws uas?? uas was on 9th nov if i am not wrng..

          • Harmandeep Kaur

            yeah mine was on 10 nov but routed back in first 10 mins only :p I missed my 10th passing certificate, and now called again in dec I was having only dmc of 10th std.
            may I know about group planning tasks and HGT FGT bla bla….. I am blank all about these how to prepare for these?

          • Prabhjot Singh

            oh ๐Ÿ˜› neva mind, you still have a chance ๐Ÿ™‚
            for HGT FGT, i would advise you about few things…firstly, dont try to grab much material or prepare much, just be yourself…seconfly, try to give the best of the ideas you can provide to your team..but yea, if you dun have any idea, just help your team and the ideas given by the other mates..in our batch, one of the student who came up with the least ideas, but helpd all to his best, got selected to our surprise..now, you must have got my point.
            then one more thing is never ever violate any rules..dont get nervous, just be confident and be cooperative in the tasks, that is the much needed thing..
            Give ua best, you ll be selected..ATB (y)

            P.S.: i didnt follow some (1 or 2) of the above rules..so these are outcome of my experience there (y)

          • Harmandeep Kaur

            thanks for sharing nd what about PABT? what to do in it?

  • Pulkit

    4th AFSB Varanasi
    24th Nov’14
    Any one else on same date.
    Couldnt select Doon as study here only :Grin:

  • jagrati tak

    may i knw hw to change the AFSB centre..

  • akshay

    Im working in a private firm,and i have AFSB on nov-17. Unfortunately i have night shift on that week and i couldn’t get leaves .So Can i take my laptop there so that i can work at night ?? do they allow laptops & mobile at mess?? please replay if you have spend 5 days in AFSB recently..

    Thank you.

    • ssbcrack

      No, they won’t allow phone and laptop. You can carry the same but have to deposit there.

  • Gopinath

    hi…. i have fixed SSB interview on 8th december on AFSB 2. Now i cannot access my airforce login because in that page the notification part is empty and i cannot fill it. How can i generate interview card now???

    • Ajitabh Yadav

      same problem im having too..ive planned evrythin..but what to do nw?

      • Chakshita Shetty

        You can access it on 30th oct …You are suppose to download the call letter by 8th Nov

  • ankita nigam

    hi i hav my afsb varanasi on 9th march ..is there any1 for the same?

  • karan singh

    can any body tells what are the interview dates in February

  • Arpit Chauhan

    during the time period till 25 october I have selected the AFSB date ………. but at that time there was an “ERROR” in downloading the call letter.
    Now the i am unable to open my account on the air force site …….
    can anybody help me in this situation ???? plzz

  • BlackBoard

    I would like to know whether the documents to be submitted are self attested or attested by an gazetted Officer.
    Thank you in advance

  • chandan Sai

    is eye sight a problem in afcat exam? can a student with high eye sight clear medical test? any rejection for students undergone through lasik operation…can anyone pls reply…

  • dipesh soni

    I hv given AFCAT 22015. When and where the result will come ?

  • dipesh soni

    I hv given AFCAT 22015. When and where the result will come ?