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Best Dress Code For SSB Interview

The formal dress can be used at the time of screening as well as in personal interviews and conferences, one must carry minimum of 2 sets of formal dress. One set of GTO dresses is enough in ssb interview.

Candidates who are going to face SSB interview must read their SSB call letters carefully and carry all necessary items in SSB interview as mentioned in the SSB call letter. Dress code is very important during SSB interview process, also the dress code may change according to the season but usually there is hardly any difference in dressing.

Below are the mentioned dresses you must carry with you when attending any SSB interview. There are other necessary items you must carry for the convenience at the SSB.

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Dress Code for SSB Interview:

1Dark colour trouser and light colour shirt1 set1 set**Suits/Sarees permissible
2Shoes2 pair2 pairFormal and Sports
3Neck tie11Optional
4Winter wear11Seasonal requirement during winter
5White shorts & T-shirts1 setFor GTO tests
6Track suit1*2 set*** For winters only ** For GTO

For GTO:
Men: Must wear white t-shirt and shorts with sports shoe, in winters one can also wear track suit.
Women: Must wear Track suit during GTO with sports shoe.


For Personal Interview:
Men: Can wear formal shirt, pant and shoe, blazer and tie are optional.
Women:  Can wear formal shirt, pant and shoe or saree, blazer and tie are optinal.

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The formal dress can be used at the time of screening as well as in personal interviews and conferences, one must carry minimum of 2 sets of formal dress. One set of GTO dresses is enough in ssb interview. Sometimes you may have to attend personal interview just after your GTO, in that case you may not get time to change your clothes but you can directly attend the personal interview in the same dress.

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  1. Can we cary mobile . Would der b a place to keep it secure may b with dem in secure locker etc.

    What would be d colour for tracks. Can we carry white T-shirt and Tracks ( d bottom 1 ) . Is it necessary for shorts to be white . Can football jersey/ shorts

  2. i am going for ssb varanasi what dress that i need to take with me which is suitable for winters and i want to know that whether i can take sport shoes or i should preffer pt shoes…please reply me soon

    • Hello Sir,
      I am called for SSB Test[AFCAT 2012/2] at Varanasi on 7th Jan, 2013.This would be my first SSB.I have received my call letter yesterday. I have 4 confusions:

      1. Is “Course-cum-Percentage Certificate” is a must to have?? I have 7.82 CGPA. But, it is very much difficult for me to go to my college Principal in this short period of time and to get the signature.

      2. Is “Character And Antecedent Certificate” is a must to have?? for those, who didn’t receive the call letter in time, should they go to the SSB center without this certificate?

      3. “You are required to bring a pair of formal dress to wear in the candidates’ mess”, this is written in the call letter.Please suggest what type of dress would be perfect for the mess.

      4.”Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the Selection Board premises”. Please clarify. Should I leave my mobile at home? Will they permit me to keep the mobile in the mess?

      Thanks in advance…Please help..

  3. hello Sir,

    This is Aravind belongs to ECE department.I applied for SSC Navy for technical post.Coming 28th i have a schedule for my interview….in personal interview if the interview officer will ask any technical questions…..mean ask any question from branch….actually what the interviewer expected in PI round and conference


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