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SSB InterviewTipsWhat is Preliminary SSB interview

What is Preliminary SSB interview

Preliminary SSB interview also known as Pre-SSB is very rare and only conducted for the entries like UES and TA. This is a short interview between the candidate and an interviewing officer who will ask you few basic questions to find your suitability for the SSB interview. The main goal of pre SSB interview is to filter candidates and send only those who can perform better in actual SSB interview. 

This type of interview is conducted for Navy and Army UES entries where the officers visit a particular college and select suitable candidates from the students who have applied. 

What kind of questions can you face?

  • Basic questions related to your family, friends and yourself. 
  • Questions related to the organization you are applying like Army, Navy etc.
  • Few questions to check your psychology and OLQs.
  • They also check your communication skills. 

In short Pre SSB is a trailer of actual personal interview of SSB.

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  1. Bro…. I haven’t got the call for pre-ssb yet. And I really dont know in which college the Indian Army comes for the interview in our University (GGSIPU)?
    Can you please suggest how can I know about the schedule of pre-ssb for our college?


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