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Basic Facts About Indian Armed Forces

Basic Facts About Indian Armed Forces
If you are attending SSB interview, you are supposed to know about Indian armed force, because it is evident that the organization you want to join, you must know, at least the basic details of it. Indian armed forces are the second largest fighting force in Asia and fourth largest in the world. It has three wings- The Indian Army, the Indian Air force and Indian navy. 

The primary role of Indian armed forces are
  1. Defense of India against foreign aggression through land, air or sea.
  2. Assisting the Government to maintain law and order and to fight against insurgents.
  3. Assisting relief operations in case of natural calamities
  4.  Protection of public properties
Basic Facts About Indian Armed Forces

To fulfill such needs, the country needs efficient, robust and efficient soldiers and a talented officer- cadre to lead them. The country therefore needs young blood to come forward to join the dedicated service.
Our army won high esteem and fame during the world war and after independence it successfully dealt with all internal and external threats. It successfully dealt with foreign aggression in 5 major combats.
  • 1948 India- Pak War
  • 1962 Sino- Indian War
  • 1965- Indo- Pak War
  • 1971- Bangladesh liberation war
  • 1999- Kargil War
In all these combats, our three services performed extremely well either in logistics role, or deterrent role or in combat role. Except in 1962 War with China, the three services have kept the Honour of the nation.

The choice of a suitable career confronts every young man and armed forces is always a better choice for them. But every aspirant must remember that they are trying to join an organization which has no parallel in the country. In army, officers command Jawans. They lead their men to achieve an aim. If you consider Kargil Conflict, there are ample examples of gallant junior leadership. For eg. Lt. Manoj Kumar Pandey, Capt. Vikram Batra etc. They led their men at front and considered the interest of their soldiers rather than their personal safety.  A military commander is always optimistic, aggressive, cool headed , patriotic and gallant.
So before joining the armed forces, it is always better to understand what are the qualities of an armed forces officer. These qualities are tested at SSB Tests.

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