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Tips For Thematic Apperception Test

Thematic Apperception Test which is also knows as TAT, is conducted by psychologist at SSB. It is the first test in psychological test series, thus it is very crucial for your selection and very important for us to make sure that we do not make mistakes while writing stories during Thematic Apperception Test. In this articles, I would cover few tips which are well known to aspirants but it is helpful to recall them once again.

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 Things to remember while writing stories in TAT

  1. Your hero must have an organized , disciplined and logical approach to the problems of life.
  2. Your hero must show determination to achieve aims and goals in life.
  3. Your hero must have a helpful attitude.
  4. Your story must have a positive and constructive base.
  5. If your hero has derived a plan, it should be backed by Hard work , overcoming difficulties and  having an optimistic view of life.
  6. Your hero must have the ability to coordinate the working of a group.
  7. Your hero must have confidence, energy and positive bend of mind.
  8. Your hero must have high ambitions or aims in life.
  9. Your hero must show social adaptability.
  10. Your hero must show Speed of Action.
  11. Your story must have a brief introduction about the background of the hero, a main body and a final result part.
  12. Your hero should have the same age and sex of you.
  13. Your hero must be a normal, natural Human.
  14. Write the first thought that comes to your mind.
  15. Your story must have a strong, acceptable plot and theme.
Here , the Psychologist considers yourself as the Hero. So TAT is the most important Psychological test .
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Things to avoid during TAT

  1. Your hero should never be a super natural Human being or a character of fairy tales.
  2. Your story should not convey anti-national, anti-social activities of the hero.
  3. Your hero should never be younger or older that you.
  4. He should never achieve anything without Hard Work.
  5. Do not show through your hero that you can never be  a leader.
  6. Do not show lack of ambitions in life.
  7. Do not show lack of patriotism or nationalism.
  8. Your hero should never be an escapist. He should face every difficulties with confidence and courage.
  9. Do not show lack of Perseverance and patience.
  10. Do not indulge yourself in complex situations as you have to write the story within 3 Minutes.
  11. Do not show lethargy.
 Hope you liked these tips for Thematic Apperception Test, if you have anything to share, do write it down in the comment box below.
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