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PsychologySituation Reaction TestSituation Reaction Test Examples With Sample Answers #1

Situation Reaction Test Examples With Sample Answers #1

Aspirants we are now publishing situation reaction test example series for your practice, below you can find actual situation reaction test (SRT) situations from SRT of psychological test conducted during stage 2 of SSB interview. All the responses are just for sample purpose and may differ from one another. Please do not take these responses for granted.

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Situation Reaction Test Examples With Sample Answers #1

Sample Situation Reaction Test With Sample Answers

  1. Your friend need urgent money from you for his father’s operation and you found a Purse full of money along with the ID of owner, you will
    • Return the purse with the help of ID, contribute whatever I can to friend from my money and help in all possible way for the operation.
  2. Your captain falls ill and team left with no leader, you will
    • Volunteer to lead the team, discuss important things with ill captain motivate teammates, practice well and win the matches.
  3. You want to marry a girl/boy but your parents are not ready, you will
    • Talk to my parents putting forward logical points, convince them and marry the girl/boy.
  4. You fall ill before your exams, you will
    • Take medicine and proper rest, revise as much as I can, give the exam and pass with good marks.
  5. You have to attend the marriage of a friend’s sister in another city, just one day before when you have to leave your other good friend arrives and tells he/she has to stay at your home and has some work in your city. You will
    • Make the friend comfortable, tell her/him the situation and ask her/him to stay with my family and complete her/his work in the city.
  6. In a moving train you see a thief snatch away a women’s purse and jump out of the train. You will
    • Lodge a complaint with the RPF, help the women by giving her some money if she needs.
  7. While going on trekking in midway you come to know that the person responsible for bringing the food packets has forgot to bring. You being the leader of the group will
    • Come back and go for trekking another day.
  8. While going for exam you see an injured person lying on the road. You will
    • Hire an auto and take the injured and admit him in a hospital which lies in the way of my exam place, inform his family, and reach on time for exam.
  9. You are very successful any have many jealous people who you suspect are planning against you. You will
    • Keep doing my work with more caution and alertness.
  10. When you see somebody in your school/college/workplace who is much more successful and is a favorite of all, you
    • Appreciate him/her and take and learn as much good points from him/her and do hard work to improve my performance more.

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