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Officers Training Academy (OTA), Gaya Joining Instructions

Officers Training Academy (OTA), Gaya Joining Instructions

The Officers Training Academy (OTA), Gaya is a premier Pre Commission Training institution of the country, training Gentlemen Cadets for commission in various arms and services of the Indian Army. Training for the first batch of the Gentlemen Cadets commenced on 18 July 2011. OTA, Gaya has been raised on a sprawling lush green campus with state of the art facilities and complexes at Paharpur Military Station, Gaya (Bihar).

OTA, Gaya has been conceived and raised on a sprawling campus spread over 863 acres. Gaya city has rich cultural heritage and the city holds tremendous religious value for both Hindus and Buddhists. The city is surrounded by hills from Northern, Western and the Southern flanks with river Falgu flowing on the Eastern flank. The city is interspersed with vintage buildings and modern complexes giving a reminiscence of the ancient era and gradual transition towards the 21 century. Other historical sites like Rajgir, Nalanda and Maha Bodhi temple are in close vicinity of the Academy.

Officers Training Academy (OTA), Gaya Joining Instructions
Gaya experiences a typical Tropical Region type climate, oppressive heat during the summer season with temperature soaring up to 45 degrees centigrade. The region receives abundant rainfall during the monsoon season from July to September with considerable humidity levels. In winters, temperature dips to as low as five degrees centigrade. The period from October-March experiences pleasant weather.
The Gaya city is well connected with all four cardinal directions of the country via road, rail and air. The details of connectivity via various means of transportation is mentioned at Appendix A.
Aim of the Training
The training is aimed at achieving optimum development of the intellectual, physical and moral qualities essential for leadership in the profession of arms. The training is carried out as per a diligent and systematic methodology aimed for all round development of the Gentlemen Cadets in all spheres. The training at the Academy inculcates qualities of patriotism, dynamism, integrity, initiative and understanding which are the very basis of leadership in war and peace.

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