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How to Write Excellent Story on TAT Pictures

The story must have a past, present and future.

Thematic Apperception Test is a part of the Psychological Test series. In this test, you are supposed to write 11+1 stories. You’ll be shown 11 pictures and one blank picture. You have to write in three minutes a story on each of them. The pictures will appear on the screen for 30 seconds. The pictures here are not so hazy as in PPDT but in some boards, they do show hazy pictures, so be prepared for that. You can get sample TAT slides on our website.

How to Write Best Stories on TAT Pictures

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to write the best TAT stories.  

  1. The story should reflect some of your quality. Have you even thought why psychologists make you write 12 stories? Definitely so that they can get some idea about what all qualities you have, so make sure your story is representing one or more quality. This quality should be a part of the OLQ list.
  2. You understood that your story should represent some quality, now how to do that? The tool by which you’ll represent your quality is your hero of the story. The central character in the story is no one but you. Whatever that character does directly reflects your personality.
  3. There is a misconception that the characters gender should be the same as yours. This is not the case, however it is advisable to make the same gender character a hero but if you have only the characters of other gender in the picture then don’t hesitate to make them hero.
  4. One main aspect of writing the story is observing the picture carefully. Do not rush and just have a look and start writing, instead spend the 30 seconds watching the picture, observing everything from the background to the characters and making mental note of each. Start weaving a story in your head.
  5. Write positive things in your story. It is not advisable to show death unnecessarily if not evident, or show the hero to be orphan. Remember you are making a practical, realistic story and not some movie! Keep that extra masala away. Many people think that there won’t be any struggle without killing somebody in the story!
  6. The hero of your story should have a purpose in his life, that person should have some short term goal and must be shown achieving them in the story. Make sure the goals are practical and short term. The goals depend on your story. Lets say that if there is a picture in which a boy is crossing a road and sees and accident then don’t write that the boy is going somewhere, write that xyz, a college/school student (purpose in life: studies), was going to tutions or market when he saw an accident (the goal would be to take the victim to hospital, save the victim, which is practical and achievable).
  7. The story must have a past, present and future.
  8. In the blank slide also write a story which is reflecting some OLQ. Follow all the norms which you followed while writing the other stories.
  9. The major mistake which candidates do is rushing towards writing the story and not observing the picture, hence again it is being repeated that observe the picture very carefully.
  10. Maintain a legible and neat handwriting. The ideal size of a story is 75-100 words.

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